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Jason Hite

Jason Hite

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Issues I've Posted

    O1 Time Stuck

    Posted 11 Nov 2018

    World O1 has been stuck on July 8, 2001 for over 12 hours now.

    Gate cost Discrepancies

    Posted 25 Mar 2018

    I've just noticed that the gate costs are unreasonably high for some airports. For instance, Bologna airport in Italy (BLQ) has 8 million pax per year but the gate cost is $800,000 per gate, whereas Boston Logan (BOS) has 36 million pax per year but the gate cost is around $300,000 per gate. Is there a reason for this?

    Boeing 747-400ER Fuel Flow

    Posted 14 Dec 2017



    I have noticed that the B744ER fuel flow is about 10k higher than the regular B744. Is this correct? I know that the longest range engine option on the B744ER is the PW4060 which is more fuel hungry than the longest engine option on the B744, which is the RB211, but this major difference makes it virtually impossible to make a profit on long-range routes and whatever profit you can make is very minimal, whereas the B744 can make a reasonable profit on the same routes. Is this correct?

    Santa Rosa Airport (ETC/SERO) in Wrong Place

    Posted 13 Dec 2017

    Airport should be in Ecuador but the actual location in game is in the middle of Ontario, Canada, making a trip from Quito to Santa Rose over 3,500 miles.

    Error when trying to purchase expiring leases

    Posted 12 Dec 2017



    Just today I've had a problem buying my expiring leases on aircraft. I will try to purchase them and it will sit for a few seconds processing and then the screen will load with the Buy Leased Aircraft banner on the top but nothing below it.


    On Chrome it gives me the error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.


    Extending the leases works just fine still.


    Buying each aircraft separately through the Aircraft tab works as well. But it takes forever waiting for the server to respond each time you are trying to ask it to do something. And the average wait time for each action is around 2 minutes I've found out.