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    B732A and B731 speeds

    Posted 21 Feb 2012

    Can the speeds for the Boeing 737-200ADV and 737-100 be adjusted?

    I think that having the 732ADV operating at maximum permitted speed (544 mph) day-in day-out is a bit too much, especially when all its brethren stick to the 430,440 mph range.
    Same applies to the B731. The 390mph used in AE are too low.

    Source: http://en.wikipedia....#Specifications

    B767-200ER engine & performance

    Posted 21 Feb 2012

    Engine selection
    Currently, only one engine is being offered, while Wikipedia lists at least two available models (PW4000-96 (63300 lbf) and CF-6-80-C2 (62100 lbf)).

    Runway performance
    Again, according to Wikipedia, the runway performance of the -ER is very similar to that of the stock 762. AE currently has it need ~1000ft more runway length at MTOW.


    Negative hours on aircraft

    Posted 8 Nov 2011

    Old bug, I know.

    Just happened to me with a CRJ-200LR. On the "transfer routes" screen, it showed the full 140 hours available, so I transferred all the current routes from an older aircraft to it (thinking that the aircraft in question was recently delivered). The result: See screenshot.

    This has never happened to me before, but I know that it's a punishable exploit. Hence, I've fixed it.

    Still, it's annoying. Especially when you've already sold the aircraft you've transferred the routes from...