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[ACCEPTED] ThePessimist | Valiant Airways

13 April 2022 - 07:55 AM


2015 - Boeing 757-300
Valiant DC Corporate Pride



Airline in game (if applicable):

Sadly not at the moment. My trophies should show that I have the ability to play in game and I could shake off some rust and get back into in game operations in necessary.
Airline Nation of Origin:
United States of America
Airline Description:
Valiant was founded as an airline in Detroit in 1931. My gallery so far covers the early history in great detail
The lore after the early years is not concertized but generally Valiant holdings is going to be purchased by Ford which means the airline is going to be closely affiliated with Ford for some time and will actually take on the Ford name for a while before returning to the Valiant name in the early 70s with the newly designed ship logo - this will also be when it acquires the IAD and JAX hubs. Then, in the 90s the airline is spun off and will no longer be a subsidiary of Ford despite the company still retaining a not insignificant share. This will be when the MKE hub becomes a focus city. In the late 90s the airline is going to merge to acquire it's SAN pacific hub. Today the carrier has a fleet between 400-500 with a superhub in Detroit, Atlantic and east coast hub at Dulles, a Pacific and west coast hub in San Diego, and a hub for Floridian and Caribbean operations in Jacksonville.


When did you first join Airline Empires:

My account was created in 2016, I dabbled with the game portion on and off until 2020 when I posted for the first time to the gallery after posting a few times in competitions in the forums. Quite interestingly, my first even gallery post was of what I will refer to as OLD VALIANT.
Please list any former alliance experience on Airline Empires:
Currently my German brand Himmelbahn is a member of UnitedWings
Please list at least 4 other brands previously made on/for Airline Empires:
What makes you interested in joining the Atlas Alliance:
I'm looking for something new from AE Alliances. Atlas is new and exciting and I want to do new and exciting things with Atlas and Valiant.
What makes you think you would work well within the ranks of the Atlas Alliance:
I already know most of y'all and most of y'all already know me - I know I'm sometimes a nuisance but I'd like to say I'm pretty good at this whole livery design thing and I think that I can contribute a lot and y'all know I'm not evil. I really love developing new lore and a new alliance like Atlas allows for the development of a basically clean sheet design cohesive lore.
Who recommended you join Atlas Alliance? If nobody N/A:
Are you able to participate within the AE Gallery along with the Atlas Alliance Discord server:
Do you have any questions for the applications staff before the processing of your application?:
Are there any questions I should have?