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Trevor de Verteuil

Trevor de Verteuil

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Aviation Design Consultancy

25 January 2018 - 09:31 PM




Welcome to my (fictional) design consultancy that focuses on branding for aviation markets such as commercial airlines, air cargo services, and private use. I'll customize the look and feel of our product to your project's core values in the modern and contemporary landscape of design. I am now accepting requests from clients in this topic post. My deliverables will be a livery and logo optimized for Airline Empires' game-play interface as well as a general high quality image of the design and logo together. Below are guidelines, the request template, and sample work:



  • Not all requests will be full-filled due to time constraints.
  • Only contemporary, present day requests will be processed. No retro work. 
  • Only one aircraft will be painted per request.
  • Only Medviation and company's templates will be used, so please select an aircraft with an available template.
  • Revision's aren't likely to be completed due to time constraints. 
  • Your request is most likely to be full-filled if it's realistic. Please use an appropriate company name for the type of services you provide. i.e. no legacy carrier's called "Air Sammy" or "FlyCheap". In addition, please use realistic aircraft to match your project. i.e. no regional carriers called "Mexico Express" that fly A380s. 
  • If you don't know what colours you'd like or what aircraft you'd like to use etc. just specify in the request and we'll come up with everything! 
  • We cover regional, legacy, low-cost, all-business, and cargo carriers.




Airline name:


Type of carrier:


Country of origin:




Colours (Optional):


Registration (Optional):


Notes (Optional):



Have fun!