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UnitedSkies officially condemns aaaalliance for unfair treatment of FoxTrident

20 June 2014 - 04:27 PM



21 June 2014

Official UnitedSkies Statement

Recently a productive member of the Airline Empires Community, FoxTrident, was removed from aaaalliance due to "inactivity". We feel that the method through which this removal was conducted was abhorrent, undemocratic and not a real representation of the alliance's views. If appropriate actions had been taken to ensure the removal was fair, including a warning and alliance wide discussion and vote, we would have less of an issue, however it is unacceptable for a harmless member to be treated unfairly by an alliance, and UnitedSkies officially condemns aaa for doing so.

We also have concerns over the lack of equality in treatment, whereby other members of aaa who had been inactive beyond the cutoff point were not also removed or reprimanded for violating the same terms. It was claimed that FoxTrident was to be 'made an example of', but this simply means 'We are going to unfairly pick someone', and in such a case it would generally be expected to pick someone that may be disliked for other reasons as well, which raises concerns over the selection process.

Furthermore we feel this incident identified severe internal communication issues with aaaalliance, as clearly no-one was willing to converse with FoxTrident about the issues at hand, and no warning was provided within a relevant time frame to the incident. This lack of interest in even attempting to fix the problem leaves aaa's motives for this action even more questionable.

When decisions are taken without the input of the alliance, the alliance will often suffer as a result. aaa simply using their now tested powers to remove even more members they merely dislike is a serious potential issue and displays reckless disregard for established democratic processes, and leads to separation of the leadership and alliance and a resultant drop in interest and participation from members, as well as a rise in dissatisfaction over members' lack of a voice.

We hope that aaa will reconsider their policy and attempt to include all of its members in future discussions and decisions, and attempt to communicate with members they may have issues with rather than simply kicking them and hoping they go away.

Cessna 172

23 January 2014 - 11:17 PM

I am requesting the Cessna 172, as it used in airline service by, at the very least, Sun Air in New Zealand.



"Sunair's aircraft fleet includes nine six-seat twin engine Piper Aztec and four four-seat Cessna 172 airplanes.

Both aircraft types will be flying in and out of New Plymouth as required, she said."



This link indicates that Sun Air's flights are bookable and scheduled.



"An Aztec has been noted flying some of these flights as well as Cessna 172 ZK-DHN"





[I admit these are not necessarily the most reliable sources, but together i feel they indicate C172s are used in scheduled airline service]


Also this is possibly sources for PA23 as well, though am mainly requesting C172, as I feel a small prop like that would make a new in game option available.


Methinks as four seats, should be 1 pilot + 3 pax.