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    R5 - May 1998 double staffing costs.

    Posted 6 Apr 2012

    I had a look at my finance sheet, and it would appear as though all staff cost twice as much as usual this month.
    I believe others are having the same issue.
    Is this intentional or a bug?
    If it is a bug, will it fix itself?

    B1900D winglets.

    Posted 10 Feb 2012

    The B1900D in the game ought to have winglets.
    I won't list a source, as it's pretty obvious.

    Lima incorrect passenger numbers.

    Posted 31 Jan 2012

    Lima (LIM) should in fact have 11,795,863 passengers per year.


    This is from the airport's operator's website.

    AUH/DXB Incorrect pax numbers.

    Posted 31 Oct 2011

    AUH (Abu Dhabi) in fact has almost 11 million pax. http://www.centrefor...c-in-2010-44178 and http://www.adac.ae/e...er-traffic.aspx .
    DXB (Dubai) also has somewhat more pax than listed. http://www.airports....ntent07_c.jsp?z (No. 13)

    New Zealand/Australia openskies agreement not working

    Posted 7 Feb 2011

    When I try to open MEL-SYD (I'm based in Auckland), it doesn't let me due to "Political restrictions". There should be an openskies domestic agreement between New Zealand and Australia.