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LOT 737-300

LOT 737-300

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Seperate worlds for seperate difficulties

17 August 2007 - 05:14 AM

Hey guys,
Some of you may know that I in the past have been against the creation of seperate worlds or "game rooms". But an idea has came to me recently that might make the game more enjoyable not only to the beginners, but also the vets who I'm sure are tired of being accused as cheaters even though their skills is what got them to the top. The idea that I have is this, have 3 seperate rooms, one for each level or experiance. I think this will only require some tweaking to the code, but I'm sure most of you guys might like this.

Room 1 (Beginning room):
Initially, this will have every single AE player who logs in now will be in this room. This will play as first round to the game. After the round fis finished, I guess the top 25 or top 50 can move up to Room #2. I'm expecting this to be the largest room in the game with people getting into the game everyday.

Room 2 (Moderate experiance room):
This room will be like a "stage two" once you attain the position required to move up from room #1. It will be like Room #1, but will only have people who manged to get into the right position in room #1. Also getting to Room #3 will need more skills than it did when getting from room #1 to #2, possibly only the top 25 or 10 will move onto this room and everyoen starts over in room #2.

Room 3 (Expert room):
This one will take at least two rounds until it has any activity in it. The players who managed to attain the position needed to move onto this room will play here. Here will be the best of the best and this is where the skills will really come in handy. I don't think I need to elaborate here.

Each of these rooms will definetly grow of course, but it might take two or three rounds before it really gets going, but I'm sure it would help the fun factor of the game dramatically in the long run. But maybe to prevent room #3 from getting overloaded, perhaps a demotion feature should be done once a airline is below rank #200 or something like that at the end of the round.

Sorry if this idea has been discussed to death in the past. But this really feels reasonable to me as it helps players feel more comfortable with the game and helps insure people don't leave the game because it burnt them out.

My IP has been banned.

15 January 2007 - 04:06 PM

I tried to log onto my game today, and when I did. In red Letters, a message saying "Your IP has been Banned" has been displayed. Now I know that I have not been cheating, and I havn't been making any threats anywhere in the game of forum. So why have I been banned?

Is this possible? (gate usage exceeding 100%)

02 January 2007 - 12:53 AM

I was looking at his stats, and ATL shows him using 102% of his gates and BHM showing 107%. Is this a bug in the game? I know that he has over 100 frequenceis between those two cities.

FreedomLOT Presents: White Star Express

21 December 2006 - 06:36 AM

Posted Image
After some thinking, FreedomLOT will now have a 100% own subsidery called White Star Express. When the network grows to include larger aircraft, FreedomLOT will operate mainline flights while White Star will operate all of it's regional flights up to the 70 seat class aircraft. Currently though, White Star will just include the Orlando Division of FreedomLOT.

FreedomLOT-News; Restart Ops

13 December 2006 - 11:52 PM

January 1- After achieveing 447th place in the market and reaching coast to coast, authorities have ordered all airlines, including FreedomLOT to stop all operations immediatly, and then forfit all aircraft and gates.
We are now proud to announce that FreedomLOT has now restarted and is now returning to its original focus market, Florida and the Southeast United States. We now offer service to most Floridian cities as well as service to Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina.