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    Subscription purchase

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    This isn't a bug within the game, although it is pretty important, and I wasn't sure where else to put it.  :P


    Just to check (I was bored), I decided to try and purchase an ad-free subscription (for one year), and I followed all the instructions until I got the screenshot below.


    [attachment=12978:Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.22.04 pm.png]


    As one can see, there isn't any button, or indeed any link for one to click on to purchase a subscription at the moment. I'm not sure if this is a browser-specific issue; in that case I'm using Safari 8.0.6.

    I swear I saw this before

    Posted 23 May 2015

    lol 'your yours'

    Saab 340 name

    Posted 20 Apr 2015

    In-game, the Saab 340 is labelled as the 'Saab Saab 340', but the Saab 2000 is simply the 'Saab 2000'

    DC-8 range

    Posted 19 Apr 2015

    It seems like the in-game values for the DC-8 range are too low. The Boeing page clearly says that the DC-8-63 could fly more than 4,500 miles, and it would follow that the DC-8-62 could do more. Also, the DC-8-72 and DC-8-73 had more range than their Super 60 Series counterparts, and yet in AE they have less...



    Shijiazhuang (SJW)

    Posted 20 Jan 2015

    For some reason SJW airport has 0 gates in-game, and the corresponding correct airport is called "Shijizhuang" without the 'a'. The airport with the correct name has the wrong IATA code and 0 gates, while the airport with actual gates and the correct IATA code has the wrong name.