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    Matsapha Airport - No longer in Commercial use

    Posted 27 Jan 2018

    As I was expanding my airline in South Africa I was looking for the main airport in Swaziland to fly to, only to find out that AE does not have it.

    AE currently has the outdated airport for the country.


    Matsapha Airport (old airport-only current airport of Swaziland in AE) ceased to handle international traffic with effect from the 30th September 2014. The airport now services Royal movements or Mercy flights.


    The country built a new airport that now handles all commercial traffic, 

    King Mswati III International Airport (IATA: SHOICAO: FDSK), originally named Sikhuphe International Airport,[4] is an airport in Swaziland.[5] It replaced Matsapha Airport as the only international airport accepting commercial flights in 2014.


    ​Would it be possible to add this airport? I do realize that info on this airport seems to be hard to find but thought I would ask.




    https://en.wikipedia...ational_Airport  ( I know it is not allowed really, only use a reference)



    Posted 5 Oct 2015

    IVC should be Invercargill Airport - Not Invercargil
    ....missing a letter L.

    Thanks in advance!

    YYT - Name Change (Minor)

    Posted 28 Aug 2015

    In Canada


    St. John?s International Airport  ........ Why is the Question mark there?
    Please change to St. John's


    Air service moved from TWB to WTB

    Posted 13 Mar 2015

    Good day
    Referring to Toowoomba airport in Queensland Australia, All regular domestic and regional air services was removed from the airport and moved to Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport on 1st January 2015. The Airport is still in operation but without air service and is now used only for Private/Military use. Skytrans used to be the last operator at Toowoomba old airport until it closed. Since Skytrans does not exist anymore only Qantaslink  and Rex fly to the new main airport servicing the area. The airport is also scheduled to close completely later in 2015. Can this airport be closed ingame? or left but with no passenger data?
    And while you are changing that, please add the following airport currently not present in AE
    Bathurst Island Airport ( Northern Territory, Australia)
    Passengers approx. 25 000





    Thanks alot

    OOL Runway extension

    Posted 23 Nov 2014

    Hi guys

    I want to fly B777-200ER's to Gold Coast but can't because the game stated the runway length as 7,684 feet and so the 777 has to high a runway requirement to land there. This is inaccurate as this was the previous runway length BEFORE 2007 . When the runway was extended in 2007 it was taken to 8176 feet thus allowing bigger jets like B777 to land there . Scoot Airlines have daily services between Singapore and OOL as an example with the 777-200ER. ( TZ6 )... Then again the average minimum runway length for the 777-200ER is 8,458 feet not allowing the aircraft to land there in game anyway. This makes no sense if it can fly there in real life.


    Please update

    Thanks a lot