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Another Question....Sorry :-P

29 January 2014 - 08:18 PM

Okay so...just need an explanation of mechanics (game) I'm flying from JFk to Mexico city. The "daily demand is for 22F 133C 952 Y. i set up a few planes to take the demand and start taking on my competitors and I get down to (based on the box in the middle) 15F 57C 1024 Y. Now how is it possible that to the bar in the left I only own 37% of the flights,or market? if the demand is for 952 Y (economy) passengers a day and I'm meeting that with 1024 (a bit over, I know) how are there passengers left. Based on my flights and the fact that I have 100% on all bars how is it that 63% of the bar or passengers left are the first class and business? And to add to this how ca it be that one of my competitors flys the route with a A320-200 with a load of 3/12/140 but 140 times 49 flights equals to 6860? Where are these passengers coming from, or am I missing something. I base my flights on how  many passengers are in demand and how many I fulfill daily...IE the numbers listed above I fly to Mexico City 21 times a week with the total of 1024 economy passenger slots daily for the 952 demand. When prices drop isn't my competition gonna loose money having 49 flights? Or am I doing something wrong? Please someone explain...

Advertisement and IFE...Where's the money??

25 January 2014 - 04:22 PM

Okay maybe I'm not seeing this right but when you configure the IFE and choose advertisement every amount of mins per passenger you get a certain revenue. I know that IFS is the food and such but here does the money for the advertisements and use of IFE systems go? On the Airline finance there is an option right below Operating Revenues that says non-operating revenues and includes advertisement, service fees and miscellaneous but mine is always empty...ever since I started the airline. My IFE includes all the amenities and charges 7 bucks per pass and has advertising ever 15 minutes which generates 5 bucks per pass...so where is it? Or am I doing something wrong?\



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Lil Plane Vs. Big plane??

24 January 2014 - 07:59 PM

Hey guys....okay so heres a good one....or so I hope. Like I said before I'm new to the game and slowly building up my airline right now. My question is this...how much do little plane compare to the big ones? And what I mean is this. I'm currently competing with another airline for a route thats about 1100 miles. Does it really make a diffrence if I buy say a Boeing 717-200 that TURNS ever 20-25 mins...(can't remember) carries about  134 passengers ...or an Airbus that will carry 300+ passengers and turn ever 45 minutes. i mean I get 26 flights out of the 717 and have to buy a few to fullfill the demand but in the long run will the competitor who has an airbus beat me out ? I mean how much does on-time performance matter in these issues? Does it really impact sales and route performance?And would I be better off with a larger plane that takes longer but carries more passengers...??Do I waist more fuel that way??What factors impact on time performance...legroom and time flown? I thought that time flown was the amount of time you've been flying the route but sometimes on a new route that I setup I get an automatic green and is this due to say advertisement? I would think that time flown would be based on the amount of time the routes been up...as in a competitor wouldn't get my ticket sales unless he drastically lowered the prices due to my "time flown/passenger trust factor"...that would be cool...and would allow a new airline unto my route to have to "work" it's way up...I know the games not perfect but..wishful thinking is allowed no?? 



btw the route that i was working on has a 1500 pax a day load (F/C/Y combined) ...just to give u an idea what I'm working on..with lil' vs big...

Introductions are in order...

24 January 2014 - 02:17 AM

Hey guys...the names Jorge..aka Playdoe...CEO of AeroLine..."Relax, let us put the lite back into Flight" Really ?? yeah my logo :-P and I'm glad to have found this game. Now all I get is constantly screamed at  because I'm glued to the computer screen, could explain this headache I have since this morning.. Colleague at work suggested i might've gotten it while "asleep" (Said I was thinking too hard..in my sleep??.haha Yes...I will bring you down ChINA AIR!!!) Just kidding. I'm currently running AeroLine, in the new sandbox game...top row I think...Used to be called AeroWay but i logged in and must've forgot a few leases cause now I'm negative 200 million and theres creditors banging on my door...not to mention that funny car following me to work...(bankrupt).ouch...headache...ok i'll shut up now. Just wanted to say hi...and introduce myself and glad to know I have fellow competitors and folks who enjoy the same game as I do. I can't offer any advice as of yet but do expect me to pm and bother you for advice...if that's ok :-) Take care guys...see ya in the skies...