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24 October 2015 - 07:22 PM

When opening a route, I start @ 7x weekly flights. Often for "utilization" purposes, If the a/c has like 2-3hrs avail, I will open a tag-on route  within < 250 miles @ 1x weekly freq. 


Which day of the week, and/or how is this single freq accounted for? If the single flt on this single route is generating like $2K in profit....naturally, that is a "weekly" profit. Which day of the week is the profit made upon? 


Same thing goes in the opposite example of 6x weekly flights....which day is the profit on that route not accumulated.


As post states...I'm simply curious how this works and if indeed an AE algorithm works for these exceptions? I was "thinking" that the profit is somehow synched to the day the route is opened----so if it's opened on July 16 & that is a "Thursday", the route generates a profit every---& only upon----"Thursday's", yet that logic only works for the 1x freq & not the 6x freq.


Thanks to anybody in the "know".