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    Browse Airport Map - "Pin" Icons Not Showing

    Posted 24 Nov 2011

    The little red pin icons on the browse airport map are not showing. If you mouse over where they should be, they tool tip pops up showing the airport data. I have tried this limiting by range and region, still the same (although the hidden icon only show up for mouse over within the selected range/region).

    Home Page News - route lookup error

    Posted 8 Feb 2011

    The home page news isn't working. It's displaying the quick route lookup as part of the game news

    I noticed the bug when Yuxi added the report bugs link, but the first year changed at the same time and new aircraft news appeared on the game news page.

    Does it in both Firefox and Opera.

    Game allows route creation without owning gates

    Posted 8 Feb 2011

    I have created a few routes (some in error, 1 to duplicate to test) and it doesn't bounce me for gate leasing if I try to create a flight owning no gates (see CGH-AQP and CGH-COR).

    The game does return an error for some. I think this is domestic flights it returns the error and international flights it allows you to create.

    Nice little bonus for those of us not based at LHR, CDG, HND, or ORD, ATL :)

    Weight Restriction - Per day rather than per flight?

    Posted 8 Feb 2011

    It looks like the weight restriction applies per day rather than per flight. Look at the route from CGH-SJU - Limited to 103 in A300B4, but it is allowing significantly more.

    Legroom Doesn't Calculate if "None" Selected for IFE

    Posted 8 Feb 2011

    The legroom will show a blank bar (0%) if "None" is selected for IFS on the flight. If you select an IFS, click save, and then select none, it then properly shows the legroom.

    Edit: Actually, it will show legroom if you resave the flight (i.e. on adding the first aircraft to route, with no IFS selected for any class, shows no legroom reputation--if you click save w/out changing IFS or prices, legroom shows when page reloads).

    Edit (again): Ok, per the above situation, the final route reputation does reflect the legroom reputation (when route initially created, shows low route rep and no legroom rep - when reloaded, legroom rep shows and route rep goes up). So it appears this isn't just an error reading database info, but an actual bug.