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Issues I've Posted

    Match lowest price doesnt work

    Posted 20 Jun 2011


    I got a few negative routes piled up and since I am too lazy to fix them, I do the match lowest price option. I selected negative routes, and pressed match lowest price on. It went to the price match loading page, and here is what it shows:

    Working on SEA - DTW...done
    Working on HNL - SYD...

    and gets stuck, I attempted this several times (to see if its just one route) but it does that every time (and since the first route is completed, routes that it does are different)

    Thanks, Tim

    IFS resets

    Posted 3 Jun 2011


    I have a problem where my IFS settings get reset to one mode and I have to update them. This happens every day (approximately, real time) and is really annoying.

    Please fix that, Tim

    browser crashes when entering city codes

    Posted 21 Mar 2011


    I recently noticed that when entering city codes in AE (both AE3 and 3.1) my browser crashes (I use chrome but it also crashes in safari, and IE9 too). This glich/bug makes the game pretty much unplayable

    It works fine if I change the codes in the URL

    Please help, Tim

    Finance issues

    Posted 5 Mar 2011

    Hi I am kinda desperate because I can not make profit, io know I am making profit but I think it's not registering. Iver the past few days I went from over 3billion in cash to where now I have 300 million, I was able to slow down my spendings by decrepit a whole lot of orders and selling some planes.

    Please help, I checked it in finance and it doesn't show any profit, however according to the finance screen I am making profit

    Thanks, tim

    Cant preorder AC

    Posted 22 Feb 2011

    I know I am reposting my bug report, but UN1 said its fixed but it isnt, and no one is responding to my post there (I think maybe no one responds cause its marked solved)

    but anyways, I cant preorder AC. I get to confirmac.php which is a blank screen for me

    Thanks, Tim