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In Topic: Are you bilingual?

22 January 2023 - 12:56 PM

I speak English, Indonesian (can easily speak Malay too) and Javanese (local language).

In fact for Javanese there are 3 versions of the language, consists of that you use to talk with older people (formal use), other people which around your age (or neutral), and what supposed to be used for close friends only (it is more commonly known but can be considered rude if you use it to talk with older people, especially in Central Java).


In addition i also managed to understand Japanese language and still learning more about it :)

In Topic: Possibility to switch unit from Imperial to Metrics

10 January 2023 - 03:22 AM

Imperial units are those officially used in aviation so those are the ones used in game.


Actually it is hybrid, not totally imperial or metrics either. Though for operations which is available on AE, i think most of the world use metrics unit instead of imperial.

In Topic: Possibility to switch unit from Imperial to Metrics

10 January 2023 - 03:19 AM

America invented commercial aviation therefore everything has to stay in terms Americans can understand & all international pilots must be able to speak English because Americans invented that too. That's also why the pilot in command sits on the left because that's the way Americans learnt to drive cars. Whoever invented the helicopter was somewhat mischievious. 


I was on a Qantas flight once and the captain gave the flight briefing as "we'll be cruising at 35,000ft which is about 10 & a half thousand metres, at a speed of approx xxxkm/hr...."

Australians appreciate metric.


So do the Russians. The don't give a stuff about American aviation conventions & use only metric for altitude, weights, speed, etc, both in the military & commercial aviation.


Apparently on AE gameplay since the main parameters are the aircraft range/ route length and airport runway length, it is possible to implement Metrics. Most of the world use meters to determine length of runway and i think most of airline in the world use kilometers to determine range. Imperial units only used during flight (such as flight altitude)

In Topic: A380 on Short Haul Routes

07 December 2022 - 09:20 AM

If the demand is high then there is no problem. I think during the play on Rdelta last round i used to put my 747-400D and several other large airplanes such as MD-11 and B77E on a 48x daily flights (336x weekly or basically, 2 flights every hours) between HND and CTS.

In Topic: Qatar As A Base Is underrated

01 December 2022 - 02:07 AM

The main problem is that Qatar has only one major airport, so you will run out of good routes quickly. I usually recommend the US but China and the EU after 2000 are also viable. Qatar probably would be a good base in the open worlds though.


Unfortunately US competitions are very challenging. You either go big or go extinct there. Even international routes from other countries to US may tend to lose profit easily. China still better and even in my experience it support up to 4 top 10 largest airlines without even reducing prices. 


Regarding Qatar itself, i could say it might be similar with Singapore or Hong Kong - you can establish a pretty large airline but possibly not going to make it through the top 5.