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    737-400 Maximum Capacity

    Posted 10 Oct 2022

    The exit limit is indeed 188 passengers, however the actual maximum capacity for one-class configuration is only 168 passengers. I never seen a 737-400 configured to carry more than 168 passengers before, even on the LCC's. To make this even more make sense, the 737-400 is actually shorter than 737-800 so definitely have the lower seat capacity. (734 length is 36.4m, while 738 is 39.5m - a 3.1m difference)


    For details can be seen here, on Page 7 (Inclusive Tour configuration) : https://www.boeing.c...c-passenger.pdf

    Update pax data for Paramaribo Intl Airport (PBNM/SMJP) - Suriname

    Posted 13 Jun 2022

    Using the data from 2019, the annual passengers is should be somewhere around 520.000 passengers per years. Considering AE does not simulating aviation crisis (such as 2020-present COVID-19, 2003 SARS and 2001 9/11), it should be safe to use the 2019 figures at least until demands fully recovers again post covid.


    Here's the source for reference : https://www.japi-air...ets_02-2021.pdf


    In addition, there is also a real world route from Paramaribo to Miami, Port of Spain, Panama City, Amsterdam, and some more. Those routes in AE, save for Paramaribo - Amsterdam has a very low demands in game while usually a real-world routes have bigger demand (as i observed during gameplay) than non-real routes.


    Please kindly check and fix it, since it is pretty hard to start an airline in Suriname with such abysmal demands in AE except for flight to Amsterdam.

    Thank you..

    Wrong and Outdated Airport Data in Indonesia

    Posted 2 May 2016


    Here are listed some airport datas that wrong or outdated as currently on R1.


    All Runway and coordinate data corrections are sourced from Indoavis.net, one of most reliable sources of airport data in Indonesia.



    Datadawai - DTD - WALJ

    Wrong Data : In game runway length is 21ft, which even helicopters not able to land.

    In real world : 750x23m (2460.62x75.46ft)


    Betoambari (BUW | WAWB)

    Wrong Data : In game coordinate is 52° 90" South    12° 23" East, placed in middle of nowhere, south of south africa.

    In real world : S 5 29.23   E 122 34.13 (5°29'13.5"S 122°34'7.5"E) 

    Google map link : https://www.google.c...dwFA1cQ8gEIHjAA


    Pondok Cabe (PCB) :

    Wrong Data : In game coordinate is 6° 32" South 106° 76" East

    Real World : 6°20'17.1"S 106°45'52.9"E



    Berau (BEJ) :

    In-game : Rwy length 4.626ft

    Real World : 2250x30m (7381.87x98.42ft)


    Lubuk Linggau (LLG) :

    In-game : Rwy length 4.430ft

    Real World : 2200x30m (7217.83x98.42ft)

    Ternate (TTE) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.875ft

    Real World : 2100x30m (6889.75x98.42ft)


    Pangkal Pinang (PGK) :

    In-game : Rwy length 6.550ft

    Real World : 2250x45m (7381.87x147.64ft)


    Palangkaraya (PKY) :

    In-game : Rwy length 6.890ft

    Real World : 2500x45m (8202.08x147.64ft)


    Sorong (SOQ) :

    In-game : Rwy length 6.069ft

    Real World : 2000x30m (6561.67x98.42ft)


    Sampit (SMQ) :

    In-game : Rwy length 6.060ft

    Real World : 2060x30m (6758.52x98.42ft)


    Pangkalan Bun (PKN) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.415ft

    Real World : 2120x30m (6955.37x98.42ft)


    Malang (MLG) :

    In-game : Rwy length 6.464ft

    Real World : 2250x40m (7381.87x131.23ft)


    Binaka (GNS) :

    In-game : Rwy length 4.445ft

    Real World : 1800x30m (5905.5x98.42ft)


    Waingapu (WGP) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.413ft

    Real World : 1850x30m (6069.54x98.42ft)


    Labuan Bajo (LBJ) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.413ft

    Real World : 2150x30m (7053.79x98.42ft)


    Maumere (MOF) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.981ft

    Real World : 1850x30m (6069.54x98.42ft)


    Kaimana (KNG) :

    In-game : Rwy length 5.249ft

    Real World : 2000x30m (6561.67x98.42ft)


    Silangit (DTB - in Indoavis is SQT, but all airlines serving Silangit using DTB) :

    In-game : Rwy length 7,382 ft

    Real World : 2400x30m (7874x98.42ft)


    Anyway i would suggest some airports to be added too. Here are some from me.


    Luwuk - Syukuran Aminuddin Amir (LUW) :

    Real World length and width : 1850x30m (6069.54x98.42ft)

    Current airline flying to Luwuk : Sriwijaya Air with 737-300/500, Wings Air and Garuda Indonesia with ATR72-500/600

    Passenger per year : 56.278


    Thank you!