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19 December 2020 - 02:02 AM


jesus Zipp will you ever grow up?

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08 January 2020 - 08:48 AM

I've taken the a330 configs and 787 from Qatar Airways, just adjusted the first class settings as well.

For the utilization, it's quite hard for me to not use a plane's maximum capacity, I'm very limited on routes and money, once I reach a stable figure, I will be decreasing the load on all planes and renewing them.


Hi, I've been looking at your seat configs for the A340s on R-delta (since I presume that's the one used to join Globe). Qatar's A330-300 has 30 seats in Business, and either 265 or 275 seats in economy. Your A340-300 has 12 in First, 42 in Business, and 342 in Economy. That's not near Qatar's.


The closest yours is is to AirAsia X's A330-300 has 12 seats in Business and 365 seats in Economy; in which the 365 seats in Economy are in 9-abreast and not 8-abreast which is used by the rest of the world.


I agree your S3C A330-200 configs (12F/24C/244Y; 6F/26C/232Y) is closer to Qatar's (24C/236Y), but it might still be a bit tight. China Southern's A330-200, which comes with First, is 4F/24C/48W/142Y, so even if your configs do mirror Qatar's, you haven't really accounted for the space that First class typically takes (which is a lot), that reduces the space for a lot more Business class and Economy class seats. Not saying your config is 'wrong' in any sense; it's just that if you're running that config, it seems more like First Class is Business and Business is Premium Economy, which is perfectly fine.


I wouldn't totally agree with Frdm that Globe is even somewhat realistic; we're just generally more sensible than realistic. We operate from both big and small countries (even places like Greenland by yours truly) and even run helicopters if there's demand in AE; but stuffing as many passengers on a plane nor maximising utilisation is not our kink :P that's why we're a bit nitpicky on that front