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    Awry impossible-value graphs in R-delta

    Posted 10 Jan 2015



    1600% and 2000%... Something's broken...



    IZA Gates too many?

    Posted 28 Aug 2014

    Zona Da Mata - IZA
    21° 30" South    43° 10" West

    Runway length (feet): 8,251
    Passengers per year: 965


    but it seems to have 50 gates, whilst nearby OUS with 1k passengers a year have only 2 gates.


    Could this be a bug triggered when passenger per year numbers are below 1k?

    Medan Airport shifting and subsequent inaccuracies

    Posted 10 Aug 2014

    Medan Polonia Airport has been closed to all civilian traffic wef last year 2013, and converted to a military base with the IATA code WMK; bringing its civilian traffic to Kuala Namu International Airport.


    Hence, the code (MES) for Polonia should be changed to (KNO) - that for Kuala Namu, as well as the coordinates. Other data should be edited but I think this is the most pertinent to be done first.



    Missing Sarawak (Malaysia) Airports

    Posted 9 Aug 2014

    A cursory check shows that -


    TGC - http://en.wikipedia....g_Manis_Airport

    LBP - http://en.wikipedia....g_Banga_Airport

    BKM - http://en.wikipedia....kelalan_Airport


    are missing.


    A cursory check on Google shows that there are scheduled MASwings flights to and fro:


    MH3540 (Miri - Lawas - Ba'akelan)

    MH3711 (Kuching - Tanjung Manis/Sarikei)

    MH3590 (Miri - Marudi - Long Banga)


    which should solve any worry about adding these airports in.


    Thanks! :D

    State/Province misspelling on IST/SAW

    Posted 9 Aug 2014

    Istanbul's in the state of Marmara, not Marama.