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(REJECTED) Airplano21 - ANC

11 April 2021 - 06:40 PM

Airplano21-ANC (Aerolineas Nacionales Colombianas)
ANC is a Colombian Flag carrier founded in 1928 in Bogota, and serves a wide range of destinations in the Americas and Caribbean: as well as a presence in Europe and West Africa. ANC has grown tremendously since then boasting a fleet of 140 aircraft of 9 types. ANC currently operates out of Bogota, Medellin and Cali with Bogota being the airline's main hub. 
Alliance History Past/Current:
I have been a member of Venture alliance since October 2020. 
Why do you want to join Dynasty World Alliance?
I have always seen the airlines in DWA as the gold standard of what an airline should be. I also see the people in the alliance as amazing role models for not only this community but for how to be as a person. I have received nothing but encouragement and community from the members of DWA and I would like to be welcomed into your family. I also want this as an opportunity to continue my growth, working with the more experienced members on the little things that take a brand over the top. I want to continually strive for perfection and use the talents I have to make something great not only for myself, but to inspire those who are just like me. 
How much experience in the AE community do you currently have? When did you join the website, and how familiar with it would you say you are?
I am rather new to the site but have been in the AE community for substantially longer. I created my membership in August 2017 and have been a part of the discord community but made my first post on the site in October of 2020. I am rather familiar with the website itself however. 
Which additional member airlines do you intend to bring into the alliance? Please give a brief description of them.
I am not bringing any other airlines in but I plan on creating other brands to contribute to the alliance's reach. 
Are you able to run airlines in-game on a regular basis?
I am able to run airlines in game.
Are you capable of participating in a discord server?
 I am able to participate in discord servers.
DWA's admission system works on a member-vote basis. Are you capable of regularly submitting vote input to satisfy member applications?
I am able to regularly submit votes and feedback.