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Reserved for group A Cairo

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when is judging supposed to be completed?

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Well Lars Fl├╝ggen born 24th May 1990, why would a two year old child get an airline with russian planes?  :disgusted: 

I want one myself aswell  :P

apparently is short for fluggenscaften]

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09 December 2020 - 07:33 AM




Air Almaty is a Kazakh flag carrier and was founded in March of 1990 as a lack of routes and service from Aeroflot opened up the need for a new airline to serve Kazakhstan. Air Almaty's fleet began with one IL-86, five TU-134, and ten TU-154 aircraft. The airline was largely government owned and eventually went defunct in February 2017. 


While the airline was in operation it served many central Asian and European destinations, not venturing too far into eastern or southeastern Asia. At the airline's apex in the year 2000, It had a fleet of 87 aircraft of varying types. The most common aircraft types were the TU-154 and the Airbus A330. The IL-86 and later 96 were also flown but were in limited quantity due to the lack of Air Almaty's long haul routes better served by the newer Airbus aircraft. 

The airline began to decline in 2008 during the global economic recession. Many changes were made in an attempt to gain travelers and the route tree was significantly cut. The changes ended up losing more money than it was bringing in, and the routes were very poorly managed, with some of the most profitable ones, like Amsterdam and Munich, having service ended in favor of more eastern European destinations. The airline finally filed for bankruptcy in December 2016 and flew it's last passenger flight on February 4th 2017.