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(ACCEPTED) DET. - Sierra Pacific

10 November 2020 - 05:36 AM

DET. - Sierra Pacific
Sierra Pacific was founded in 1965 in the city of San Francisco. Sierra Pacific would quickly grow throughout the 20th century to become the mainstay carrier of the Western United States. Sierra Pacific operates an all Boeing fleet out of its bases in San Francisco, Phoenix, Orange County, and SeaTac. The airline maintains a tight and strong domestic network across the Western and Southwest United States, with various connections to the Eastern US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and other seasonal destinations.
Alliance History Past/Current:
Iโ€™ve been a member of Venture Alliance since April 2019 and CEO since September 2020, a member Aloft since August 2019, had a brief stint with Polaris during early April 2020 that lasted a few weeks before my departure, and Unitedwings since Late April 2020
Why do you want to join Dynasty World Alliance?
Ever since I first really got interested the AE gallery in 2018 after only playing the game for 2 years, Iโ€™ve always recognized Dynasty as a high benchmark to achieve when it comes to design. Brands such as NEA and Vanguard pushed me to finally take the step and start livery making for myself. Ever since the day I started climbing up the ladder on AE, joining Dynasty World Alliance has been a long standing goal of mine. As my skills have progressed over the past two years, I feel like Iโ€™ve greatly improved to a point where I am now capable of producing work that fits into the high standard of content that has been put out by alliance members for years now.
How much experience in the AE community do you currently have? When did you join the website, and how familiar with it would you say you are?
 Iโ€™d say that Iโ€™m very familiar with the AE community ever since I inserted myself into it in early 2019. Iโ€™ve observed the site on an older, now inactive, account of mine since 2016 so Iโ€™ve seen quite a decent chunk of the siteโ€™s contemporary life, and in the past 2 years Iโ€™ve definitely come to know more about the ins and outs of the AE community and itโ€™s members. Iโ€™ve climbed up much of the ladder of the AE community and have come to learn more about its intricacies with every new height I reach.
Which additional member airlines do you intend to bring into the alliance? Please give a brief description of them.
 No other ones that I currently have for now, though I do expect to develop more in the future.
Are you able to run airlines in-game on a regular basis?
Are you capable of participating in a discord server?
DWA's admission system works on a member-vote basis. Are you capable of regularly submitting vote input to satisfy member applications?