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It’s January 28, 2019 as of writing this; exactly 2 years after I first made my account on AE. Two years of growth, fun, and friendship. 2 years of highs, lows, and relative stagnation. I’ve seen some of AE’s most prosperous times and some of its darkest. I’ve seen some great people join and some great people leave. I’ve seen the death of the old chat and the birth of the slew of Discords claiming to replace it. I’ve seen the site’s greatest airlines take shape on the gallery as well as the drama that ensues when some of its worst come into fruition. So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, it was all a lie on my part.

For these two years, I’ve pretended to be someone I wasn’t; someone who was created in the mind of some coward (which would be me), not naturally born like who I really am and most likely you as well. I’ve stringed together the deep lore for the person that I’ve played as in an attempt to make it more convincing. You might even be able to recite my “life story” if you “know me” well enough. Nobody doubted who I “was”. So why am I telling you this now, when I could have just gone on as Jovanni Cana without any problems?

Regret. The reason you’re reading this right now is because of the massive regret I have for lying to you all.

Sure, it won’t radically change your lives to know that some person you’ve never met face to face wasn’t who they were. But it’s shocking in its own right. 2 years of developing a friendship with someone who was only a figment of an actual person’s imagination. To my best friends here (you might know who you are), I’m especially sorry. You’ve created a lasting bond with a puppet that most likely wouldn’t have lasted as long. Recently, it’s been really tugging on me that I’m a huge liar and I should just admit my mistakes. It would be the right thing to do, correct? And in my mind, yes. So if the person that you did know isn’t even an actual living person, then who in God’s holy name am I?

Well, here’s a brief rundown that I promise you is the real description of me. My name is Thor, and I’m currently a freshman at the high school I go to (yes, very young, I know). I was born, raised, and currently live in Los Angeles, California, and as for ethnicity both of my parents are from Brazil (São Paulo, to be exact) and I do speak Portuguese (it’s not that good though; my dad, the only person I live with, is much more eager to talk to me in English and also there aren’t many Brazilians or family members living in LA). I live in an apartment with my previously-mentioned father and my lovebird, Açaí, and I’m pretty sure you could already gather up the basics of my personality. I also incorporated a bunch of characteristics from my actual life into the false one you’ve all come to know to make it easier for me to talk about personal things. Most notably, “living” in LA, which was only done because I wasn’t too keen of “sleeping” and “waking up” when all the actual Euros were. If you’ve seen my face, that’s actually me. And if you’ve heard my voice before, that’s also how I speak in Portuguese so I’m not really faking that either. There’s a bunch of details I’m skipping because they would take too long to talk about, but if you’re curious you’re more than welcome to ask me. Also, Bob and Fred are my grandma’s pets. I’ll still send pictures of them when I visit her, though.

Anyways, why did I even choose to be Jovanni in the first place? Well, privacy reasons. Here’s a simple story; I got my Minecraft and Skype accounts hacked back when I was in 3rd grade and I decided it wouldn’t happen again if I didn’t say who I actually was. That meant both being a recluse about my real identity, or in some cases like AE, using a false one. Problem solved, right? Well, on paper, yes, as I haven’t had any of my things compromised before, but as previously mentioned it started to dawn on me that it was morally wrong to get to know people so well when in reality they’re learning about someone whose aspects of their own life story were made up on the spot in some cases. That worked in keeping me safe, but not in keeping me content. And what better way to do the big reveal than on my account’s 2nd birthday?

This is getting pretty long, so I’ll end it at here. But it’s been a great 2 years with you, AE, and I’m looking forward to even more with the truth on our sides.

P.S. I have an Instagram account, if you’re into that sort of thing. Hit me up on Discord if you’d like.

P.P.S. I thought with the news that I could at least bring out something good. Expect something in the gallery later.


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