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Winners Announced! AE Arabic Design 2020

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I am very excited to launch of this year's edition of the AE Arabic Design Contest. I decided to bring out this year's AE Arabic Design earlier than the usual June-July season to help everyone stay home and to build on some of the great design momentum I've noticed on the graphics forums nowadays. Initially, the idea was to launch a spinoff version, but judging by the last one's performance I figured it would be a better idea to bring out the full contest a little earlier than June/July, when I expect to be busy with real life obligations anyways.


I started the the AE Arabic Design Contest in 2018 to encourage the creation of high quality Arab designs. In the past couple years I noticed a dramatic improvement, with some exceptional entries last year and an overall greater attention to the use of Arabic design elements. Ever since, I have been delighted to see more great initiatives for regional or specialized design challenges. I would like to congratulate the winners of the East Asian Design Challenge 2020, and thank the hosts N.x.w.m and Boeing707 for holding a great event!


In addition, I have decided to start a new tradition for Arabic Design Contests to come. Every year I shall select a favorite entry of mine (not necessarily one of the winners) and ask that they carry the AEAD branding of the year with a special livery and "host" the contest in their respective state. I am proud to announce that this year's "host" is Jumeirah Airways. Jumeirah entered in the first edition of AE Arabic Design (2018) and finished strong as a runner up. The design has come a long way since and has become one of my personal favorites.



Check out the Jumeirah "Arabic Design 2020" Livery here.


I hope this year's edition builds upon some of the great design I've noticed in other contests and that everyone can have fun with a challenge that I've become very fond of hosting every year. I encourage everyone to visit the previous contests (2018 & 2019) and draw from the design and commentary of these editions. I also would like to point out the updated rules for this year's edition,  including the addition of a brand new submission category. I hope to see some of the strongest Arabic Design entries yet this year. 


Good luck, بالتوفيق




Submit a brand portfolio for an original airline based in the Arab World* by May 12th.** 

Carefully read the rules, guidelines, and point categories for more information.




Figure 1. A map of the Arab World. Israeli designs will not be considered 



  • "Brand portfolio" means a logo and livery at minimum. 
  • Logo and/or Livery must contain Arabic titles.
  • Submissions are grouped as follows:  

    Group [A] - National Carriers - Group [B] Low Cost Carriers - Group [C] Cargo & Other Carriers 

    NoteEntries to the AE Arabic Design: LCC Edition are accepted for submission to Group B as the contest was never completed.
  • Participants may submit a single entry to each group. This means one participant may submit up to three entries (one to each Group).

    [a] Clearly indicate which group(s) your entry(-ies) belongs to;
    [b] Include all your entries within the same post;

  • Total submissions cannot exceed three airlines per base to each category.
  • Submissions must be based in the Arab World (see figure 1); Israeli designs will not be considered.
  • Re-submission of entries from previous Arabic Design editions is not allowed:

    [a] Designs greatly changed and/or improved upon may be allowed to re-enter;
    [b] Previous Top Three entries and Runners Up are not allowed to re-enter.

  • Entries must follow the following format:

    [a] All submissions for all groups must be included in the same post;
    [b] Include as a centered heading before your entry for each Group the following title: 

                      "[Group (A/B/C)] [Airline Name] [Base City]" 
               e.g. "GROUP A | Arab Airlines | Cairo";

    [c] Disable your signature by unchecking "enable signature?" on your post's full editor mode;

  • Reservations need to include the planned base city  and the  planned group.



  • Entries are recorded on the Official Entry List.
  • Name and overall design must be as original as possible.
  • Both entries made from scratch and ones previously prepared or released are accepted, so long as they follow the rules and guidelines.
  • Submit modern airline designs (~2010s–).
  • Written descriptions, explanations, or histories are not required but will be considered.
  • Limited branding advice is available upon request or if necessary.



  • Concept  

    Originality & Inspiration 5pts.| Realism & Accuracy 5pts.

  • Design

    Design 5pts. | Cohesiveness 5pts.

  • Arabic

    Arabic Elements 5pts.  | Arabic Fonts & Font Pairing 5pts.



* See Figure 1.
** Deadline may be extended.

***BoingTheOstrich reserves the exclusive right to modify any rules, guidelines, or point categories.  




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GROUP A | Air Kuwait | Kuwait-City (KWI)





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Air Tripoli is a small Libyan charter airline which was founded in 1991. They operate two second hand MD-82 aircraft. The airline is banned from flying into the European Union. Air Tripoli had lots of incidents, mainly hijackings. Air Tripoli used to operate two other MD-82, although one crashed on landing in Tripoli (see Air Tripoli flight 856) and the other one was lost in the middle of the battle of Tripoli Airport. In 2011, Air Tripoli suspended all flights due to the Libyan Civil War and the no-fly-zone above Libya.


In 2012, the airline started operating again, but instead they started operations from Mitiga International Airport, since Tripoli's main airport was badly damaged in the war. Air Tripoli was financially pretty weak.  In 2013, the airline filed bankrupty, however Air Tripoli got a new owner and restarted operations with only one MD-82. In 2018, they got their (current) second MD-82 aircraft, although they probably won't have it for long, since Air Tripoli's current financial situation is pretty bad (again)...


Air Tripoli flight 856

Air Tripoli flight 856 was a flight from Benghazi to Tripoli operated by a 22-year-old McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (5A-TXT). The aircraft crashed upon touchdown at Tripoli's runway 09 at 10:30 LT. Of the 55 people onboard, 6 died including the captain and first officer. 16 survivors had major injuries, others minor only. 


The cause of the accident was an extremely hard landing (-521fpm), which was peformed by first officer Omar Salem combined with very deep fatigue cracks near the point the fuselage broke in two. Researchers concluded the inspection and maintenance of the aircraft failed. They also concluded the captain should've taken over controls shortly before touchdown. 






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Good god you did well for 28 minutes there 



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Group A | Marocair| Casablanca




Marocair is the largest carrier currently operating in the country of Morocco, and through a troubled history it has proven to be a valuable asset to the entirety of the Middle East. The airline was founded in 1959 and had a string of accidents in the 1980s that threatened the operations of the airline and almost forced it to shut down. Recently, the airline has prospered and now has a fleet of 69 aircraft.




Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-9

Airbus A320

Airbus A321

Airbus A320neo

Airbus A321neo


Embraer 195




EDIT: No longer reserving for Group B carrier based at Cairo.

Eastern Air Lines

Eastern Air Lines


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Reserved for Air Tunisie, Group A. Based in Tunis.




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GROUP A | Cedar Airlines | Beirut


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reserved for Group A Bahraini carrier based at BAH



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Group A | Bennu Airlines | Cairo

After the Suez Crisis and rising tensions with the West, President Nasser of Egypt deemed Western (Particularly British and French) carriers totally unreliable and unacceptable as the dominant airlines serving Cairo. Bennu Airlines, named after an ancient Egyptian mythological figure who manifests as a flying crane, was founded as the Egyptian state-owned flag carrier with a modest fleet of Il-62s in 1965. The airline served as a regional carrier for the Middle East with a handful of flights to Europe. The airline received a overhaul in 1993 when President Mubarak sold Bennu Airlines to private investors as part of his program to minimize Egypt's public sector. New ownership contracted with Landor Associates to modernize the airline's image. By 1994 Bennu airlines rolled out its new logo and colour scheme, both of which are still in use today. The logo is a stylization of an Egyptian Lotus, a national symbol of Egypt. The new ownership also rapidly expanded the fleet and route network to grow Bennu's international presence. The private ownership group early on made the decision to transition Bennu's fleet entirely to Boeing build aircraft after Airbus sued the airline in 1996 for a contract violation over delivery terms - Bennu has retained an all Boeing fleet up until today. The airline has been fairly stable, apart from some brief turbulence during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, and received a refreshed livery in 2012. Today, Bennu has grown its international presence so much that Cairo is a popular transfer point for flights from Europe and Asia. Over the last decade, Bennu put considerable effort into In Flight Service and now regularly reaches podium positions in airline service rankings.

Here's the current mainline fleet:

9 x 737-700

22 x 737-800

7 x 737 MAX 7 (grounded) 

6 x 747-400ER

15 x 747-8i

5 x 767-400ERs

21 x 777-200

8 x 777-200LR

54 x 777-300

7 x 777-8 (on order)

20 x 777-9 (on order)

15 x 787-8 (3 more on order)

8 x 787-10

Attached File  Bennu-3.jpg   76.83KB   3 downloads

Group B | We Go | Alexandria

We Go is a LCC subsidiary of Bennu Airlines with a major base in Alexandria. Bennu founded the carrier in 2005 with the intent of capturing a large portion of charter flights used by tour groups from Europe to Egypt and Israel, thus the English name. However, that market segment was significantly smaller and more competitive than Bennu had estimated and We Go floundered for several years as a large unprofitable venture. In 2009, Bennu gave up on the European travel charter market and pivoted We go to scheduled low cost flights on high volume routes like Alexandria to Dubai and Jeddah. Coinciding with this pivot, We Go's logo and livery were overhauled to what we see today. The new logo and tail design are inspired by ancient Egyptian art, particularly the wings found on many ancient designs. The pivot proved widely successful and today We go is profitable despite a slowdown caused by the 737 MAX groundings.

Here's We Go's fleet:

22 x 737-800

16 x 737 MAX 8 (grounded with 14 more on order)


Here's a higer resolution version of both liveries:







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Reserved for Algiers




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Group A | Emiri | UAE (Abu Dhabi AUH & Dubai DXB)






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Group A | Yemeni | Sana'a (SAH)







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Group A | Crown Air | Amman


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            In 1994, The Jordanian king, Hussein Of Jordan made an order for a new Flag carrier for Jordan. The airline was registered, and named Crown Air, in honor of the King that made it. The airline was based out of Amman, and got 200,000,000 Jordanian Dinar as financial capital from the Jordanian Government. They first bought a fleet of 767-300er and a320 aircraft used, and created a route network of various destinations throughout the Middle East and Europe.

            The airline quickly garnered a reputation of high quality service, as it was one of the first airlines to equip its aircraft with lie-flat seats, and it used a Michelin star chef to cater for all classes. The airline became a leading figure for passenger experience, in all classes.

            In 2000, the airline the airline started expanding. The airline ordered a330-300 and a321 aircraft for North American, African and Asian flights. It was at this point that the airline started marketing a more luxurious, and cheaper way to fly between Europe and North American to Asia.

            In 2006, the airline made an order for the just launched a350-900, as a replacement for the 13 year old 767's, as the airline started a fleet renewal program that kept planes under 15 years old. The 767's were used until 2017, when the last 767 was replaced by an a350. They also ordered the aircraft as a way expand it's way to Oceania, and other Long Haul destinations

           The airline later ordered the a350-1000, which was to allow to better meet the demand of certain Long Haul Routes. At the same time, the airline ordered the a330-900, to replace the a330-300s, and the a320neo, to replace there a320ceo models. 

           In the time since the founding of Crown air, thew airline has cemented itself as one of the big airlines in the middle east, transporting passengers, using Amman as a gateway between the eastern and western world.


JY-IOP, Crown Air's first a350-1000, In The Current Livery (2016-)

Attached File  Airbus A35010crownair.png   179.19KB   3 downloads


The Livery: The liveries main color is black, which symbolizes the Black Iris, the National Flower. Hussein of Jordan was immortalized in the name and Crown logo









ICAO: CRN   IATA: JD   Callsign: Crown



Website: https://websitebuild...te.com/Crownair



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Group A | Syrian Arabian | Damascus


The flag carrier of Syria, pictured here with its current (2004 - now) livery.


The golden years of Syrian Arabian were supposed to start with an order for 10 A319-100, 15 A320-200, 10 A321-200 and 5 A330-200 aircraft in late 2009, however, with only 5 A320's delivered the rest of the order was scrapped because of the start of the Syrian Civil War. Having found itself in an situation where it was unable to directly acquire new aircraft and replacement parts for its aircraft, Syrian Arabian set up several shell companies in other Arab countries as a way to at least keep its remaining fleet active. With the situation slowly going back to normal, Syrian Arabian signed a letter of intention with Sukhoi for the purchase of 10 SSJ-100LR aircraft and is expected to also sign an letter of intention for the purchase of Irkut MC-21 or COMAC C919 aircraft.




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GROUP A | Omanwings | Muscat





Omanwings is the flag carrier and largest airline of Oman. While officially founded in 1994, its roots can be traced back to 1970, with the founding of Oman Airways International, which went bankrupt in 1992, and from which the new flag carrier was formed. In 2017 the company unveiled its newest branding in anticipation of the delivery of its first 787-9 and 737 MAX aircraft, straying away from its traditional roots, heavily inspired by the national symbols of Oman, going for a bold, new metallic look that has now become iconic across the globe. In the past decade the airline has expanded rapidly and has earned a name for itself as an airline with some of the best inflight service. Today it operates more than 60 aircraft, with A220s, A330s, 737s, 787s and E175s in the fleet, with several more on order.




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Reserved for Group B Moroccan airline 



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Group A | Royal Arabian | Jeddah





Royal Arabian was founded on January 12, 1950. It started off with a leased DC-3, and has evolved into one of the main carriers in the Middle East. It is known for its large international network, as well as high-quality staff. The fleet is made up of the A320(neo), A321(XLR), A340-500, A350 family, 777-200LR and 787-8. It has a cargo carrier, Royal Arabian Cargo, which is based in Jeddah and Riyadh.

Group B | FlySaudi | Jeddah - In Collaboration with JAYLAF






Royal Arabian was founded on July 1, 2002. It started off with a 737-400 from Royal Arabian, its parent company, and has progressed into one of the best LCC's in the Middle East. The fleet is made up of the A319(neo), A321(LR), and K200.



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Reserved for Group A, Abu Dhabi 




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Reserved for Group A, Cairo, Egypt



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Reserved for Group B, Hub in Cairo, Ehypt.

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