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AE Arabic Design: LCC Edition!

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From AE Arabic Design Contest 2018 & 2019 

AE Arabic Design: LCC Special Edition!
 Last summer's AE Arabic Design Contest brought some of the highest quality work I have seen yet. I started the contest to encourage the creation of quality Arabic designs on AE, and I am proud to see the level of improvement over the past two editions. I could not wait wait a whole year for the next edition, so we will have a special spin-off edition leading up to the Arabic Design Contest 2020!
You've guessed it, this special edition is for Arab Low Cost Carrier (LCC) designs only! 
In the previous Arabic Design Contest installments, we saw a number of high quality LCC designs that each presented fabulous creativity and excellent design quality. I would refer to these fantastic designs for inspiration. I also suggest you review all the feedback and tips from previous installments. 
Submit a brand portfolio for an original LCC based somewhere in the Arab World* by November 22nd. Please carefully read the rules, guidelines, and point categories for more information. 


  • "Brand portfolio" entails a logo and livery at minimum.
  • Participants may submit a single entry each.  
  • Entries must follow a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) design, concept, business model ... etc.
  • Total submissions cannot exceed two per unique base of operations e.g. no more than two airlines based in Egypt, or no more than two airlines based in Cairo on a first come basis. Discretion is reserved over which rule applies. Subject to exception and appeal.  
  • Logo and/or Livery must contain Arabic titles.
  • Airline submissions must be based in the Arab World (see map); Israeli designs will not be considered.
  • The re-submission of LCC entries from previous Arabic Design Contests will be allowed, subject to the following:
    [a]. Design has sufficiently changed and/or improved [b]. Design was not a Top 3/ Runners Up entry (Nakheel, Alqamar).

  • Entries must be submitted on a post on this thread exclusively and following the following format:
    [a]. Include at the top of your post: "[Airline Name][Base City][Airport IATA]", e.g. "Air Arabia | Jeddah, JED"; [b]. Disable your signature by unchecking "enable signature?" on your post's full editor mode to keep this thread clean.
    Entries may be edited, added upon, or withdrawn any time before the submission deadline with no consequence to its consideration in the contest, only finalized entries will be considered past the submission deadline  

  • Entries will be considered official entries after providing all required details and being recorded on this document. Designs sent through PM or Discord will not be considered.  



  • Name and overall brand design must be as original as possible.
  • You may submit entries made from scratch or ones previously prepared, so long as they follow all the rules and guidelines.
  • Submit only modern airline designs (~2010s–). Exclusively historical entries will not be considered. Brand timelines/evolutions may be considered if a modern livery is included as well.
  • Written descriptions, explanations, or histories are not required but will be considered.




Originality & Inspiration 5pts| Realism & Accuracy 5pts


General Design
Design 5pts | Cohesiveness 5pts


Arabic Design
Arabic Elements 5pts.  | Fonts & Font Pairing 5pts.



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lol no

Mr. Aviation Nerd :)



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lol no


Ok this is hilarious - the self-described 'little boy from New Hampshire' with no uploads and 20 posts replying 'lol no' to an Arabic LCC contest proposal by the resident Arab-world-based airline expert. Truly fantastic, a real pinnacle of comedy.




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lego somewhere else than arabia




    None of anyone's interest

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Fly Mubarak | Abu Dhabi | AUH








Fly Mubarak is a relatively small airline offering affordable flights from its headquarter in Abu Dhabi International Airport, to destinations mainly in the middle east countries. Founded in 1997 by Saeed bin Rashid Al Akhdar, the airline experienced a considerably rapid growth in the last decade, pushed by the economic plan diversification launched by the government.

Operating two dozens of Airbus A320s, Fly Mubarak has expanded to cover more destinations, including to parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe. With more and more people outside the oil and gas business flying from and to Abu Dhabi, the airline is looking at the future with a bright miswaked smile.


"Abu Dhabi is not as shiny as Dubai, but there's something about this place that makes people want to come and come again.

It's the Arabic Hotel California."

-Saeed bin Rashid Al Akhdar-





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