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Mokupuni A321XLR


Connor McMullin 2021

Mokupuni A321XLR

Mokupuni needed a newer airplane to replace the aging 757s that were the backbone of the airlines operations out of Kahului. The opportunity then presented itself when a partnership with Jumeirah was formed in late 2020. This partnership was focused more on broadening the Dubai based carrier's reach into the Pacific rim, connecting passengers through east Asian airports in china, Korea and Japan. Why this partnership is mentioned is Jumeirah secured five new A321 XLRs to be delivered to Mokupuni, with Canadian Ontair selling its orders for the type in a separate deal. As of June 2021 there are 7 operating for the airline filling a much needed gap in the fleet since the departure of the 757.






    cant get enough of this brand


    Absolutely by far one of my favorite brands. I think this is going to be great and the branding really represents Hawaii especially the retro designs and branding! Can’t wait for more!