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In Topic: How to create seatmaps?

05 September 2023 - 06:16 AM

Is there a template or something that can help the OP get started?

In Topic: A fond good bye from Antonio27 (NOT A JOKE)

15 August 2023 - 05:28 AM

who are you..?


Alas,  you and I shall never know this sad mystery.


I just play the game and wander into these forums every year or so.

In Topic: Damn this place went silent

19 April 2023 - 12:55 AM

I tend to play a lot, then take a break.   Personally I've never really used the forums that much.  I discuss real world Aviation over on A.net

I look through the forums sometimes if I'm curious about something as most glitches, etc, have been solved.


I like the ease of use of this game.

Anything else I've tried is either too complicated, or too slow.    One game I tried you had to schedule your flights and wait for them to fly before you could make adjustments.

In Topic: What is the route which has the most demand?

08 April 2023 - 11:45 PM

It depends if you are counting by daily or weekly pax numbers.


The numbers also change as years go by in the game world you are in.