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Biman Bangladesh Air up for sale

17 July 2020 - 06:16 AM

Biman Bangladesh Air, with a D.O.P of $14,300,000 is up for sale. Please tell if anyone is interested.
P.S.: Not interested in managing this airline anymore. Already have one big airline in that game,based in India and also I have just started one in Saudi Arabia

Air Lucknow Co-Operator

18 June 2020 - 08:40 PM

Looking for someone to operate Air Lucknow alongside me. We have good bank balance and a daily operating profit of roughly $ 31,350,000 and are a domestic airline based in India. Please check my profile for some more information

Air Lucknow Livery and Logo

09 August 2019 - 03:58 PM

Could someone please make a livery and for Air Lucknow? The details are as follows


Airline Name: Air Lucknow

Website: airlko.in

Aircraft: Airbus A320-100

Colour of the body can be of your choice