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Applications to open!

18 April 2020 - 10:46 PM






Good Day Everyone


I am pleased to announce that applications for Unitedwings will be opening on the 22nd April. Please familiarize yourself with the application process which has now been pinned in the application forum. We would like to invited everybody to apply and welcome those accepted to the Unitedwings family. Alongside the opening of applications will also come the announcement of our current member airlines and structure of our team, this will make it easier for you to contact those individuals with any questions!


I look forward to seeing and reviewing your applications! 






Unitedwings Owner

READ BEFORE APPLYING - Application Process

18 April 2020 - 10:41 PM




Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining Unitedwings.


All UW members are expected to show professionalism around the AE forum, use common sense and be reasonably courteous to others when posting and commenting.


Unitedwings values qualities of a member more than airlines they operate, please keep that in mind with your application. 


If rejected, there is a 2 weeks cool down period before you may reapply. Applications within a cool down period will automatically be voided. Declined applications will be hidden after 14 days.


We currently only operate Full Service Carriers, any application intended to operated Low Cost Carriers will have this factor consideration in the event of a draw during the voting process, however please do not be deterred from applying if you have a Low Cost Carrier.


While we realize the real life is more important than AE, participation is key in a thriving alliance and we encourage all members to participate once in a while.


A full list of the rules for UW will be provided upon successful application, you must read and agree to the rules set forth in order to become a fully fledged UW airline and complete the last step of the application process.




- Understanding the current membership structures of Unitedwings -



Primary Airline - This is your main carrier, in order to become a member you must enter with an established brand, any new primary brand to enter into Unitedwings must be approved through our in house application process. Primary airlines must be active either in Role Play or the Gallery.


Secondary Airline - These are subsidiary airlines or airlines owned by your primary airline such as regional divisions or low cost spin offs, these brands can automatically establish with Unitedwings branding with management approval.




Please structure your application as follows.


Title of application:

Name of primary entity applying


Airline Logo and Livery Image must be placed at the top of your application prior to answering the below questions.


Airlines country of origin:


Please list any secondary airlines affiliated with your primary airline:


Prior alliance experience (if any):


Why do you want to join Unitedwings:


What can you bring to the alliance:


Why should we accept you:


Are you prepared to remain active on AE and the UW Discord Server.





*These are for review purpose only, they do not automatically become a Unitedwings if your application is approved.


We also request non-members to refrain from commenting in an application.


Unitedwings Management.

Unitedwings | A New Future

18 April 2020 - 10:11 PM







Here at Unitedwings, we want to do things a little differently.


We want to redefine what it means to be part of an alliance.


We are the veterans that have given many years to the community, watching and helping it grow to what it is today.


We are the idealists that have bold ideas in mind for whatever travel method coming tomorrow.


Our journey starts with some of the most well known names in the community. And you can be a part of it


This is the tale of Unitedwings, what is your role in it?





Good Day Everyone


Ever since Britannia's departure from Unitedwings, it has been a process to decide what the future holds for Unitedwings. With some restructuring, new management, and fresh branding I am happy to announce that Unitedwings will go on and we will do all we can to ensure it is prosperous. Over the coming months we will release a more and more of our new refined look to reinforce our continuous commitment to our core brand values, going above and beyond for our members and prepare for the future.


We applaud everyone for their effort and would like to reassure that it is business as usual here at Unitedwings. Please keep yourself up to date with future announcements and keep your eyes open for when applications open!







Unitedwings Owner