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    A320-200 seat capacity

    Posted 12 Jul 2020

    I'm pretty sure the maximum seat capacity should be 180. This will reduce some of the edge A320-200s have over 737-800s (but it would cause disruption to running worlds).


    Edit: It is currently 189, same as 737-800. Even LCCs like HK Express (with 28-30" pitch) have 180 seats on it: https://www.seatguru...Airbus_A320.php. I am not talking about the A320neo.

    Terminal Issue

    Posted 20 Nov 2017

    I tried opening a terminal at LAX but it said I needed 6 gates. I only have 5![attachment=20231:ae 1.JPG][attachment=20232:ae2.JPG]


    UPDATE: It's not a glitch. The second screenshot was before I built a terminal already! Whoops!

    Can't build a terminal at YYZ

    Posted 20 Nov 2017

    I tried building a terminal by putting in YYZ in the box on the Terminal Management base, but no airport showed up.


    I tried searching "Toronto" as well. That didn't work EITHER!

    Double Seat Configs!!!

    Posted 22 Aug 2017

    In many worlds I discovered that there were double seat configs![attachment=19329:double seat configs ae.PNG]

    Won't let me change capitalization of airline name

    Posted 24 Jul 2017

    I accidentally made my name Silverwings and wanted the 'w' to be capital so I tried and it said that name is already taken! I had to change to Silverwing then SilverWings because the name changer doesn't care about capitalization, it still thought it was the same name.