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    Posted 18 May 2013

    I just found some typos in airport names..

    Airport PUS - In game written "Gimahe" - real name is "Gimhae"
    Airport AGB - In game written "Ausburg" - real name is "Augsburg"
    Airport NRN - In game written "Neiderrhein" - real name is "Niederrhein"

    And by the way, the airport FRA - Frankfurt is not in Rheinland-Pfalz, it is located in Hessen. The other Frankfurt called Airport, HHN is located in Rheinland-Pfalz, thats correct.


    Posted 14 May 2012

    Hey there,

    here are a few just small things

    -BDL: Called "Bradley Hartford", not Bardley
    -FRA: Located in "Hessen", not in "Rheinland-Pfalz", the other "Frankfurt" called airport, HHN, is correct in Rheinland-Pfalz
    -NRN: Should be "Niederrhein", not Neiderrhein
    -SZG: "Mozart"
    ...and the rest.. I forgot ;-)

    Sorry to bother u :D

    Aircraft houres available negative

    Posted 18 Apr 2012

    Hey there,

    as I just noticed in my fleet overview, a few of my 737-200ADV have now negative houres available without I have changed something. They are still doing their usual job, but this just seems a little strange to me.



    Posted 16 Apr 2012

    Airport BRV should be located in northern Germany. It is listed under airports in germany, but according to the range from e.g. VIE it is far far aways. Route map doesn't show it at all.


    Posted 16 Apr 2012

    ...is named Zurich - Kloten. Here it is called "Kolten"..just if you have no idea what to do next ;-)