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    Xining Airport Wrong IATA

    Posted 17 Jun 2012

    The current in game IATA code for Xining Airport is ZNN while irl it is in fact XNN. http://www.flightsta...airportCode=XNN

    Gate Utilisation

    Posted 22 Dec 2011

    I was going through a competitor of mine and i see that the amount of gates he owns at some airport are negative and their utilisation are beyond 100%. http://ae31.airline-...e3r6&player=732

    Base cost of aircraft

    Posted 15 Dec 2011

    Many of the aircraft in R1 currently have a base cost of $0/hr such as the Caravelle's and the B707 series.

    Unable to add flights

    Posted 27 Nov 2011

    I can't add routes to routes out of MCY on my R4 airline even though my aircraft has 140 hours empty and is certainly within political,runaway and range requirements.