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    Financial history glitch

    Posted 6 Jan 2021

    I noticed that when I went into my financial history, the profit and cost numbers got out of wack. I had a similar profit to 1981 compared to 1982, but now it shows as a loss. I noticed this happened a few days ago and correct itself as well.

    Pratt & Whitney CF6 Engines

    Posted 28 Feb 2020

    Apparently the A300B2 has Pratt & Whitney CR6 engines, and the A300B4 has JT9-D engines.

    Error when I try to create new seat cfgs. on aircraft I have.

    Posted 13 Apr 2017

    So I'm trying to upgrade the IFE on my fleet. When I try to make a new seat configuration with this new IFE an error message always occurs. I've tried this on multiple devices as well. Is there a way to fix or get around this?