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In Topic: Concorde fuel flow

20 November 2020 - 07:09 PM

It’s annoying because it makes the planes unusable. Same with anything Conway powered, the 707-420 and the VC10.

There’s gotta be a way to make this at least a bit better.

In Topic: Oceanic design contest 2020

08 July 2020 - 04:01 PM

Any update?

In Topic: Oceanic design contest 2020

09 June 2020 - 11:34 AM

Makau Cargo

Honolulu, HA


Makau Cargo is a modern cargo airline based in Honolulu and serving the Hawaiian island chain from the Mainland US, Canada, and Southeast Asia.  It's fleet consists of 6 Airbus A300-600F, and 4 Boeing 777F freighters. 


"Makau" is symbolic in Hawaii as meaning "safe passage over water" and the fish hook is a symbol of the world as well.  The fish hook is highlighted on the engine cowls, and the palm tree motif on the tail.


Featured here is an A300-600F, serving Honolulu to Los Angeles and Vancouver, bringing Hawaiian goods to the west coast, and vice versa.



In Topic: 2020 Balkans and Greece Design Challenge

13 May 2020 - 11:51 PM

How about publicly. so we know what the judges are looking for?

In Topic: Winners Announced! AE Arabic Design 2020

06 May 2020 - 02:13 PM

Group C | Algiers Cargo | Algiers ALG



Algiers Cargo is a private cargo company serving Algiers and Northern Africa; it's aircraft are no longer allowed in the EU.  The 1990s livery soldiers on, and needs a good coat of paint; if you look closely some parts need more paint than others....  The fleet consists of 1 B707-320C, one B727-200F and two Convair 580s.


How it stays in business is anyone's guess, but theories abound...




(This should nicely offset all these pretty, spotless airplanes in this contest! :) )