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Issues I've Posted

    RESET S4B!

    Posted 28 Oct 2018

    S4B is my favorite world to play on. Whenever the world is over, it goes on for 3-10 years after it is supposed to, this is extremely annoying as I hate creating an airline in, the 2020s and what not, and the world is always full then. You guys have to get a way for the worlds to auto reset, because I have been waiting 5 days for this world to reset, and its really ticking me off.

    Doubling FC Prices

    Posted 17 Jul 2018

    Every time I create a route, when I add the flights, it doubles the FC price and I have to put it to the original price, please fix this cause it is extremely annoying.

    Routes can't be made?

    Posted 5 Sep 2016

    Whenever I try to make a route for my airline I can't because no planes show up even though I have 5 planes. Can you please help me its really frustrating.

    Tabs/Menus not on airline screen??

    Posted 17 Jan 2016

    ​My screen has no menus so I can't do anything accept look at my airline. And also It doesn't show my $. :furiousbomb:  :furious:  :rant: