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Issues I've Posted

    Calendar skipped seven days

    Posted 2 Mar 2019

    In R5. Before the "next day" started, it was October 24, 1991 in game. When the "next day" started, it was suddenly November 1, 1991. There's no way I spent an hour and a half in R5. I just logged on 20 minutes ago.

    Sudden loss of gates and slots in S4B at CLE HQ.

    Posted 5 Jun 2016

    When I started my airline in this world (S4B), I was given 5 gates and 250 slots at my home airport, Cleveland Hopkins. Just now, when I was about to add a route, I noticed I suddenly lost 3 gates. I now only have two gates at CLE and 34 slots. What happened? Is it a penalty for not getting the slots filled up fast enough? Surely must be a glitch.

    A380 PHX-LIM Cannot add flights

    Posted 30 Apr 2016

    Trying to start service from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Lima, Peru. Chose an A380 because I was slot limited at PHX. For some reason, I cannot add flights using the Whale PHX-LIM. It is not a runway length issue, both airports have 11,000+ foot runways, so I am at a loss as to what else is wrong. Please help. I am in S1. 

    Cannot add new service CLE-DAL

    Posted 23 Nov 2015

    Trying to start new service to Love Field from Cleveland. Leased a gate at DAL, but when I try to add a new flight, the dialog box where I add frequencies has disappeared. This wouldn't be how the Wright Amendment is being simulated is it?