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Winning DOP

19 December 2016 - 05:36 PM

For those of you who have won rounds in this game, what kind of DOP did you have on your winning airline? I appreciate there's going to be a wide enough range of figures but I'm just looking for an idea

Material for discussion and idle contemplation

04 December 2016 - 01:23 PM

I've two small topics to bring up simply for discussion purposes. While they've been mentioned before, I think it's up to the general community to decide what exactly we would like to see in the next version of the game and to discuss how certain things will work.


1 - Aircraft Leasing.


As it stands obviously one can lease from the market quite easily.


i) I have a vision of aircraft leasing companies: sale and lease-back transactions. In case anyone doesn't know, it's when an airline orders aircraft but those aircraft are paid for by the leasing company and the airline leases from there. How do you feel prices should be negotiated (e.g. do we use the current system or change) and when the contract is up, does the leasing company have the facility to lease the aircraft elsewhere and how does that work?


ii) Airlines may lease among themselves (which I know has been suggested before but I'll throw it in anyway). The issue of airlines leasing aircraft to subsidiaries (which would be another worthy feature) for nothing was raised in a previous topic. Therefore does one simply put restrictions on how low the price can go or do we fix prices in the way it is done at present.


iii) What other facilities to lease to people want? Personally I feel leasing companies and leasing between airlines would be excellent but of course I do appreciate that this is stuff for the future.


2 - Valuation.


I'd love to see the valuation be changed from assets to Market Capital. However I do see there are a lot of issues with this so I'm interested to hear your opinions. 


i) Airlines might not want to be publicly traded in which case, how are they valued?


ii) Who determines share price? Perhaps other airlines can buy stakes in eachother (as suggested today: http://www.airline-e...6-stock-market/) but I can only see that becoming messy and obviously if you're in second place, it's easy to try to bring down top spot by trying to buy shares cheaply. However I would love to see some sort of test/trial run on this. Lastly, for this to work, I do think this would be necessary: http://www.airline-empires.com/index.php?/topic/20987-public-financial-statement-for-leasing-rights/?hl=%2Bleasing+%2Bcompanies



Free Top Rank Airlines

13 November 2016 - 07:39 PM

If anyone wants the chance to run a top ranked airline for a while, I've two (R0 and R1). Neither have any long haul routes really but almost every short haul route is covered (see topic "The year is 1960"). No need to order any more planes and I'll pitch in with putting the planes on routes (I'm not looking for someone to take over completely, I just want to offer people to have it for a while and if they want to, learn from it). No rules or terms, just don't bankrupt or close routes and if you're a new or inexperienced member looking to learn how it's done, take as many tricks and tips from it. I'll answer any questions you have. PM me if interested.


(Also, if anyone wants any of my other airlines, they're almost all 100 rep but that's fairly simple to do. Nonetheless, PM if you want any of them. None of them are expanding at the moment so there's little to no work involved).


Mícheál Ó'Ceallaigh

Logo/livery request for Irish Air Lines

05 November 2016 - 06:02 PM

Just requesting a logo/livery for my extremely creatively named "Irish Air Lines". Not looking for anything in particular - just something to fill the space on the airline page - so go mad with it and no rush. Thanks guys, Mícheál.

Mícheál Ó Ceallaigh