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IFS Costs

24 January 2024 - 05:47 PM

I am interested by my IFS costs. I have a config for my planes which is just mobile coverage. I also have in flight snacks (only 1 option, worst quality), the game says this should cost 75$ per flight for mobile coverage and 13$ per flight for the food. Combined this of course makes 88$ per flight. I don't know if this is one way or round trip so at worst, we are saying 176$ per round trip. Why then on the route details pages does the game say my costs are 508$ on an ATR-72-500 per round trip and 1,120$ on a Boeing 737-800? That is a huge difference and it makes no sense. It's the exact same package per flight. 


Can anyone shed some light on the situation as it's really baffling and annoying? I've not found a way to make IFS work at the best of times and now even the most basic IFS is losing me a ton of money.