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Issues I've Posted

    Incorrect Runway Length at Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM—aka Marigot-Melville Hall)

    Posted 16 Jan 2019

    The game has the runway length of DOM at 4,777 feet. It should be 5,761 feet (I believe the runway has been expanded since the data was entered into the game). See https://acukwik.com/Airport-Info/TDPD.

    Butaritari Atoll Airport (BBG)

    Posted 8 Dec 2017

    Something very strange has happened at BBG in AE. The runway used to be the proper length (3,500 ft), but the game now says it is 48 ft. The passenger numbers were dramatically downsized as well.

    Arorae Island Airport

    Posted 12 Mar 2017

    Arorae Island Aiport (AIS) in Kiribati is in the wrong location - it should be on Ririti, but it is in the middle of the ocean currently.

    Incorrect runway length at David - Enrique Malek International

    Posted 29 Jun 2016

    The game has the runway listed as 9,500 feet, when in reality it is 8,530 feet (https://en.wikipedia...ational_Airport).

    Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan Airport Passengers

    Posted 6 Jun 2016

    Currently, the data is that Ulaanbaatar gets ~100,000 passengers. However, it should be a little over 1,000,000. Source: https://en.wikipedia...ational_Airport