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11 January 2016 - 04:21 PM

When you enter another world, you have $7.5m. Getting the cheapest planes isn't always the best option, because smaller planes, individually, make smaller amounts of money. It can also end up costing you more in payroll & airport slots to operate them. For example, a B767 requires the same number of pilots as an Saab 340, but which one do you think is going to make more money?

Sure, once the game world actually starts, whatever cash you have left will take a hit. You will pay your gate fees & a lot of other costs up front at the start of the month. Don't be afraid of that, even if it leaves you with a negative balance. It happens to all of us. What you need to have though are the planes that will make you the most amount of money as quickly as possible. So after the initial pause lifts & the game kicks off, you've spent all your $7.5m on planes & suddenly your cash drops to -$2m. That's ok, if you have say an A320 or a B737 that will make you $300,000 a day, & another one or two on order (hint: stick to shorter routes of no more than 500 miles initially. Don't go for trans-continental routes at first). So based on those numbers, you'll make back your negative $2m in 7 days, & over then next 7-8 days after that, make another $2m or more. Use that to order another plane.


On the 16th of the month, your cash will be hit again for payroll, & may well send you into negative figures again. Once again, don't be afraid. Just ride it out making your $300,000 a day. Don't order any new planes in the latter half of the month (16th - 24th), just let your cash build back up because the month ends on the 24th (don't ask me why) & your balance will be hit hard all over again on the 1st of the next month. It will most likely go negative again, but don't worry. Because shortly into the next month, your next plane should arrive &, if put to use properly, you'll be making twice as much as before & regain your cash balance quicker. Again, before the 16th, order another plane, & then just ride out the rest of the month.


The first few months may seem really boring like this, but it has a snowballing effect. Soon you'll have 5 planes, then 10, 20, 100, 1,000, whatever. And don't worry about your rank in the first 12 months. I usually come dead last out of a full world of 300 players before I come first. Look at my player profile & existing airlines as proof that this works.


Other players will have different strategies & some trolls will no doubt tear the above to shreds. I don't care. It works for me & I've helped many other players the same way. However you chose to play the game is up to each individual player, but I figure I have enough experience & success to at least offer this model.


Good luck. Talk to me anytime.

Thanks for the advice.  I will try it and it does sound like a good strategy.