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    EU Openskies broken

    Posted 30 Jan 2013

    One airline in R-delta is based in the UK, but has hubs in other EU countries. This is only 1982; this should not be allowed until 2000.

    Montreal-Mirabel - YMX

    Posted 17 Oct 2012

    This airport should have 0 pax. It hasn't been used for passenger service in years.

    Delivery issues

    Posted 18 Sep 2012

    I try to time deliveries so that newly-introduced aircraft within a family arrives on the EIS date.

    Let's take the 777-200LR in S1. Its EIS has been announced as November 18, 2005.

    Since I already have aircraft in the 777 family on order, adding 772LR orders should keep it in line with four week interval deliveries, which means the last previous 777 order should be before/on October 14, 2005.

    In past instances, no matter what I did to maintain such delivery dates, the next delivery of the aircraft in the same family would occur 8-10 weeks after the EIS date.

    So I decided to try 8 weeks prior to EIS date, which would be before/on September 10, 2005. My last 777 family delivery is September 1, 2005, which means I should receive my first 772LR on the EIS date (November 18, 2005). Instead, it's four weeks AFTER the EIS date, and an odd 10.25 weeks after my last 777 delivery.

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    Leasing discount issue

    Posted 4 Sep 2012

    If you lease enough aircraft in bulk, it appears you exceed the 30% discount. When you try to extend the lease (it doesn't matter if it's 1-5 years) on such aircraft, the new lease rate is higher than the original lease rate.

    Added winglets do not increase range

    Posted 28 Aug 2012

    An A340-200 (with the 5C3/P engines) has a range of 9210mi without winglets. With winglets, it has a range of 9560mi. Theoretically, this should give me 250-325 miles of additional range.

    Whenever I try to add a route in said-additional range, it says it is pax restricted. Only when I fall below 7980mi can I fly with pax restrictions (which is roughly translated to the original 9210mi range).