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Issues I've Posted

    Credit rating error

    Posted 11 Jan 2016

    im making more profit so my credit rating increases from D to C, but why can i lease 10 aircraft when im in D and only 3 when im in C. I guess Yuxi forgot a 0 when programming the game

    R1 doesnt end

    Posted 7 Jan 2016

    R1 doesnt end while it is over time

    Gateway timeout

    Posted 10 Oct 2015

    can you solve server-error 504


    World doesnt start

    Posted 2 Aug 2015


    Ive got a problem,

    R3 hasnt start yet, While it says it should start at 05:00 UTC at august 2nd. But its already 5.07 PM UTC, and the world hasnt start,

    can you fix it?