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11 September 2017 - 05:24 PM

If you know of a real world aircraft that is not in Airline Empires, this forum is where you are able to make those requests.
Create a new topic in this sub-forum for your request. It will be then reviewed by a staff member, who will consider it and begin the process of collecting data.
This replaces the old system, where there was a single thread for posting requests. This way, we can have a separate thread for each request and relevant discussion, without getting cluttered.
Before requesting an aircraft, please check the game before making your request, using the "browse aircraft" function. It may not be in production in your world, but it may be available at a different time period.
Please also check the lists here (link) for aircraft requests already rejected. Approved aircraft that are currently being processed are listed here (link). Checking these lists before posting will prevent duplication.
There are a few further things that I request that you keep in mind when requesting aircraft:Data
Aircraft will only be added where real world data (with reasonable sources) exists.
It is not compulsory, but it is always helpful if you know of any technical data to post it (with sources) with your request.Future Designs or Unbuilt Aircraft
Future aircraft may be considered if they are reasonable, from a reputable manufacturer and with an offer for sale, a sound entry-into-service date and confirmed orders.Aircraft Types
At this stage, aircraft must have had a passenger transport variant in production to be considered (no freighters, tankers or military aircraft unless there is a civil passenger version in service, or justifiable potential for one). We do not currently support seaplanes or flying boats.Previous Requests
If you requested an aircraft on the previous requests threads, and they do not feature in game, on the work in progress list or on the rejected list, then you will have to re-request it.
I apologise for this, but the previous threads get clogged quite easily and things get missed. This is why I have now implemented this new forum-based request system, in place of the old single-thread-based system.
As a final note, I (and the other staff) can be contacted by PM if you have any questions or requests for help.

I'd like to see after 2017 a CS100/300 starting aircraft, Cargo aircraft (So you can make a cargo airline but if you fly the same route as your passenger one you don't get a penalty + a cargo competition market like passenger but with loads of cargo