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IFS Route Range Adjustment

01 June 2021 - 03:54 AM

This is more for the realistic players, but I think the the IFS range categories need to be adjusted. In particular the 2501-5000 mile one because this includes a lot of routes where I think people would want different types of service. Meals on some, snacks on some. Also a lot of transcon flights tend to be in this category combined with longer haul flights where you want different services. 


I think maybe the ranges should be changed to"





3501-5000 or 6000

5001 or 6001+


Most routes more than 5000 miles are gonna have long haul meal service or it can be 6000 instead. I know you can just manually do it every time you start a route, but this can be time consuming when updating the IFS. 


Another option is to attach the IFS to particular aircraft but that wouldn't necessarily work for domestic wide body flights. The other problem is sometimes for cities in the same range, I want different services just based on the city but that's generally fine to do manually. Maybe there should be an option to lock the inflight service on certain routes so it doesn't change when you do a general update.

Slots Instead of Gates

14 April 2021 - 07:14 PM

I was thinking because some airports have just a single gate that it's a race to whoever get's there first if anyone does. What if instead of leasing gates, we went to a slot system which is honestly closer to real life. This way an airport with fewer gates, especially ones with only 1 gate can get more flights and more competition. One airline could lease a single gate which is 50 slots right now but only use <=7 of those slots. Or even an airport with 3 gates could have 3 different airlines flying there, but again using less than 7 slots of their total 50. You could even apply this to international routes where a lot of the time an airline may only have 1 gate but uses 7 or fewer slots. Based on this, I think moving to a slot-lease system would be better than a gate-lease system. 


This also brings the idea of gate sharing either by alliance partners or just through common use airport gates. Maybe there could be a hybrid system where if an airport has more than X number of gates, airlines can lease the gates for themselves with while keeping an X' number of gates reserved for common use and then for airports with less than X number of gates, all their gates are common use and shared among all airlines flying to the airport. 

Terminal to Leased Gates

03 April 2021 - 05:27 AM

I kind of wish there was a way to remove a terminal and go back to the standard leased gates without having to remove every flight and add it back. I know I'm probably the only one who has thought of this or even wants it to be a feature.


Another idea would be to lease more gates instead of expanding a terminal as this would be quicker due to less capital being required. Then maybe you could transfer flights using the terminal to leased gates and then demolish the terminal. Idk, this probably seems very stupid and I'll get responses like "wHy DiD yOu BuiLd ThE tErMiNaL iN tHe FiRsT pLaCe ThEn"

BYOD Entertainment and Ancillary Fees

03 April 2021 - 05:01 AM

I know that there's probably never gonna be an update to this game, but I think it would be cool if BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was added to the inflight entertainment. I suggest this only because more and more airlines are heading toward that, at least for domestic flying that is. This could also be a cheaper option for airlines trying to operate a LCC. 


Also in the realm of LCC and ULCC airlines, I think there needs to be a way to have ancillary fees for checked bags, carry-ons, seat selection, etc. These options would dramatically lower the rating, but also help you charge low prices on base fares and still make a profit. Right now the only ancillary fees that can be added are for food and entertainment. The only problem would be figuring out the variables on how many checked bags and carryon bags there would be as not every passenger has them. Though for simplicity, it could be that every pax has one checked bag and one carry-on. Also, for simplicity, it would have to be either no fee to select a seat or a fee to select a seat. I think it would be too difficult to code a mixture where some pax pay to select and others don't.


Edit: I would also suggest the ability to charge for WiFi, but not charge for the on demand music/video/flight tracker/etc. So you can have seat back on demand entertainment offered for free but wife costs like $10 or maybe you charge $5 for entertainment and $8 for WiFi