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[PENDING] Santos Application to Aspire

23 March 2015 - 07:29 PM

If you have decided to join Aspire you've made a great choice. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Airline Name, World:    

Santos Air currently operating in S1. This my first attempt on AE after a dip in the sandbox.

Airline Style (LCC, flag carrier etc.):    

Very experimental trial and error using Airbus and Boeing but somehow the top-ranked airline in Spain and I think at the moment top-ranked for Reputation.
I am trying to operate nothing older than 5 years and good IFS and IFE even on short journeys.

Link to airline:   


Tell us about your past on AE (How long have you been around, favourite area to start airlines):  

I first found AE in Feb this year. I am learning by my mistakes and would love to to be in touch with any experienced players who might like to share some of their wisdom. I have only tried operating out of Europe and fancy trying elsewhere next.
I have no graphics talents to offer and have had no interaction with the alliance whose invite I clicked on when the world started. I would like to experience the community here and from the outside you look like the coolest.

Future plans for your airline:  

I'm waiting for a nice world to start… I didn't fancy the latest unlimited airlines one.

I plan a luxury airline as realistic as possible (which I could use some advice on) and would like to incorporate into what I have learnt the advantages of a co-operative alliance.
I thought of applying for the rating of the mag but i don't need stars for my non-existent livery but would appreciate any constructive criticism or advice of a better alliance to suit my lack of talents and experience.  
I live in Southern Spain and the background of my logo is my view of the mountains of Morocco across the Med. I don't know anyone who plays this yet and would love some interaction without any dramas!


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*Please note that if you're applying and don't have an airline, describe a different airline to us, or future airline plans*

How to choose an Alliance?

18 February 2015 - 07:34 PM


I just started a couple of worlds here and getting the hang of it slowly.

I accepted alliance invites on starting both but was wondering if there is a place to compare the Alliances, see their various styles and rules, etc. and choose which ones would be best for me in the future.

Not really sure how to communicate best yet on AE so trying the New Players Forum.

With thanks