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    aircraft different owner/operator

    Posted 2 Apr 2019

    Hi all, I'd like to sell my aircraft in S3B, but I can't as I am not the owner of it, but another airline. Seems to be a bug. aircraft #1 in S3B (MD83)

    Different owner/operator

    Posted 16 Mar 2019


    In current game S3B I (Hermes) am not the owner of aircraft MD83 #1, pls kindly check and fix so that I could resell it again. Thx + best


    different owner / operator

    Posted 26 Mar 2015

    nice idea, but not intended yet, so a bug : I've two planes in my fleet, operated by me and owned by another airline (#12 in R3 and #3 in R4).

    #3 already sufferd this issue some days ago. Could we fix this in any way ? Thx + best. paninaro