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Issues I've Posted

    Scottsbluff (BFF) Name Wrong

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    In-game name: (BFF) Scottsbluff - Western Nebrask

    Fix: (BFF) Scottsbluff - Western Nebraska


    Simple fix I noticed

    Possible BAC Concorde Problem?

    Posted 30 Apr 2017

    There is a player in R4 who has very young Concordes for the date of the game world.


    These Concordes, in August of 2014, are aged at 0.50 years. Since the aircraft went out of production in 2003, this seems a bit odd. There may be an explanation and I will try to ask the player about this. I'm just reporting it because it's odd.

    Selected US Airport adjustments

    Posted 16 Mar 2017

    Madison/Dan County (MSN)- https://www.transtat...d&carrier=FACTS

    (New Pax Number- ~1,784,000 passengers)

    Buffalo/Niagara International (BUF)- https://www.transtat...l&carrier=FACTS

    (New Pax Number- ~4,595,000)

    Greater Rochester International (ROC)- https://www.transtat...l&carrier=FACTS

    (New Pax Numbers- ~2,356,000)


    Gallery Bug

    Posted 12 Dec 2016

    In the Logo | Livery |Seat Map gallery I am unable to switch pages (it does not show a page 1, page 2, page 3 button). I have seen this bug in both Chrome and Silk. The albums are sorted by date from Z-A. If I choose A-Z it does show the switch page buttons which means this is a bug. I can supply additional information if needed. 



    Niagara Falls International | IAG | KIAG

    Posted 27 Sep 2016

    Niagara has released an improved number of passengers and enplanements.


    The new passenger total is 233,302.