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21 September 2019 - 12:27 AM

Your only option is to scrape the loaded webpages and then guess/calculate the data.


This page: http://ae31.airline-...y=&map=Show Map

has a javascript that places the airports on the map.


point = new GLatLng(-0.0166666666667,98.2833333333); 
marker = new GMarker(point, { icon: airportIcon, title: '(LKS/WIMO) Lasondre 1 of 1 gates available Monthly Cost: $93 Runway Length: 4,593ft Click to Rent' }); 
marker.value = 5; 
GEvent.addListener(marker, 'click', function() { location.href= '/rentgate.php?region=&country=&city=&rangemin=0&rangemax=0&lease=LKS'; }); 

That gets you the GPS Co-ords and the Airport Code with some other simple information.


You can then use: http://ae31.airline-...1=SYD&city2=LAX

to research routes to calculate how many PAX/Demand/Default Pricing based on Distance and Time (Demand varies throughout the year)



If you build an Excel sheet or Access database, you should be able to get almost every bit of information available.