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    My Route Map not showing (R5- 3.1.0b)

    Posted 16 Feb 2014

    Hi guys,

    Noob user, just logged in with my spanking new account. So far so good, I really like the game and the concept.
    I'm just having problems not seeing anything when I click on My Route Map. There is no way apperently to edit existing routes. I also would like to mention an aircraft list for owned aircraft to be made under Aircraft menu called Owned Aircrafts or Current Fleet. So ppl can check out there owned aircrafts and what they are doing and costing. Instead of going through several pages to reach it under the Finances-Aircraft Maintenance menu.

    But for now I would appreciate a solution for My Route Map, a way to see it/show it....

    Thnx and keep up the good work.

    EradicationGod (Aer Lingus) (EIDW)

    P.s. I'm a newb here so I'll just create a new thread for this, since I couldn't find it in the forum.