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Isa Al

Isa Al

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    Losing passengers for no reason

    Posted 31 Jul 2015



    I am having an issue I noticed it today which is I am losing passengers automatically without any competition. and I only have to click save again so I get the passengers back and here is a screenshot of before and after without changing the price at all.


    I have almost 1000+ route so it's hard for me to keep on checking them like that







    Missing an aircraft!

    Posted 1 Feb 2014


    I am facing a problem with is missing aircraft. I received 2 aircraft and received a message too from the admin but I can't find them! they were supposed to be deliver in 9 and 10 December and now it's 11 and even though I received messages but they are not in the aircraft section or showing up when I try to open anew route

    what's wrong?