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AE Development thread

17 October 2017 - 11:55 AM

Since the original 8 page thread got locked due to immature behaviour by some posting on it, I have restarted it here, as it is a serious discussion. 


If you want to post anything immature at all here, dont.


Post it on this thread where nobody cares at all. Link is below.



Anyway, for those holding a serious discussion, feel free to continue in a calm, composed and productive manner. May discussions recommence.


Maestro, please do not lock this thread. Just ban the immature ones who hijack it. Thank you in advance. Hopefully your services will not be required on this thread. I know your life extends well beyond this game.

Move all deliveries to feature

25 August 2017 - 02:26 PM

Okay. So currently, if you wish to have planes arrive at the same time, you have to manually move all deliveries to the last aircraft delivery. I suggest a manufacturer order option to have all aircraft delivered at the same time in the delivery options section. I mean, when you have 15 to 20 aircraft coming in and you want them all at the same time, this just makes things that much easier. I do not know whether it has been suggested before (doubt it very much), and I am reasonably sure this isn't planned for AE4. I do think this feature can be reasonably easily coded into AE by an advanced level programmer and game developer (which I am sure Yuxi qualifies as if he even made this game in the first place).

[PROBATION] Tesla v2

15 August 2017 - 07:02 PM

So. I used to be a pretty bad player, as many will know. I have thankfully left that past behind and now run airlines that can at the very least be considered decent. I am a member of the alliance Jetstream, which now has the strictest realism requirements of any AE alliance of all time. I am on my way to compliance with those requirements. As a member, I pride myself on all the things I used to, with a healthy dose of maturity in addition :)  ;) .


My airline Blue Airlines(bad brand name but whatever), is an airline that again exploits the grey area that is much demanded between relatively expensive flag carriers and no frills airlines. Spacious configurations by clever seat design allow the usage of an 8 abreast economy configuration in an aircraft designed for 9 (A350-900). The business class is infact the design I have posted a link to below. The high density of the configuration while retaining comfort explains the seemingly high density of the A350, when it is actually very comfortable for all customers.




This configuration shown in the link is a configuration I wish to see deployed by airlines. I think it will decrease the cost of air travel even further, which will potentially enable an increase in comfort by airlines that pride on it (cough cough Singapore, cough cough Emirates).


The airline averages a profit margin of around 12%, which is actually quite good considering that average aircraft utilisation is just 12.2 hours, and many aircraft sit around 11.5. Long haul aircraft (A350-900 and 757) sit around 14.3. I think that Blue Airlines shows my increased skillset quite well. Running a full on full service airline is likely my next project, but seeing as only base fare economy customers do not get free meals on my flight (that too only short haul), I think I am quite close :D . Now, I will leave this ramble to be judged, but I think this is worthy of consideration.

Avoiding the race to the bottom on price

15 August 2017 - 02:52 PM

Attached File  avoiding the race to the bottom.png   284.72KB   3 downloads


Here, on this route, my airline is operating with significantly better services than the other 2 airlines. It is also running with a third to half as many seats, but that only contributes to the premium that can be charged. By doing this, because of the premium charged, you bring in 3 times as much revenue per flight, use half as many flights, getting 50% more flights, and therefore this means you can potentially repeat the process on another route operated by scumlines (airlines with legitimately terrible onboard services :P). Thus, you effectively can make 3 times as much revenue from the same flight as you would have if you had not operated these slightly advanced services onboard (spamlines can break this a bit, I am aware but I wouldn't expect a new completely inexperienced player to be at this stage). Thus, the 2 airlines shown here will fight themselves down to completely unprofitable levels, one will survive and bring their prices back up but they likely won't be able to remove any of my custom. Hence not getting involved in a price war, the smart way

Blue Air livery AND logo request

25 July 2017 - 05:50 AM

Aircraft:Bombardier CS300, or Boeing 757 or A350 if it is easier.

Colours:Sea Blue shades

Logo:Something simple, with sea shades and a falcon in the logo, and ideally the name on it also.


Detail: Sea shade gradients across the aircraft with a Falcon on the tail. It should be bright and be something that attracts attention just from a quick glance (for the right reasons). A falcon on the tail and the flowers spread around the aircraft would be great. This may be difficult so take as long as you need to make it good.


Last thing, this will be used for a gallery airline, so can I have permission to post this in the gallery giving you credit and copyright?