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06 December 2020 - 06:22 PM

Your airline is very well run, but I noticed a few problems. Attached is an image where I marked the problems in red.

Problem 1: The utilization of your aircraft is too low. Aim for 19.5 or higher. Your average is below 19 which means you are making less money than you would be if you had those aircraft fly just another route or two.

Problem 2: You’ve pre-ordered several aircraft years before they start delivery. (A330 and 777) Don’t do this! This means your spending money on something you won’t get for a while instead of spending it on expansion now. You can’t really go and fix this, but just don’t do it in the future.

Other than that, this airline is great and is likely to remain in the Top 10 for the whole game.attachicon.gifE774D249-8E39-467B-8B31-70C026A7001E.jpeg



I’d also usually recommend going all-economy configuration, but that’s just because doing the exact first/business ratio is hard for new players. You seem to be doing well with it so no need to switch.

Thank you very much for the advice! i will work on improving the things you have criticized.